Get a Look at the ‘Mega Hammerhead’ That’s Part of Nat Geo Wild’s ‘SharkFest’ (VIDEO)


Hammerhead sharks are swimming closer to US shores than ever before, and here’s your first look at the highly-evolved predator. Little has been known about these sharks, which scientists say are among the world’s largest predators—until now.

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In this exclusive clip from Nat Geo WILD’s Mega Hammerhead, part of their “SharkFest” event, it’s a race against time as researchers try to find and tag these massive sharks—which can weigh in at over 1,000 pounds—before they hit the shore.

Watch Dr. Neil Hammerschlag and his team set off to find and learn more about these misunderstood giants as part of the six day shark festivities.

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The fourth-annual “SharkFest,” which begins June 26, features two premieres, Mega Hammerhead and Sharkatraz. It begins with Sharkatraz at 8/9c, where researchers and explorers, including Scott Cassell, examine the real obstacle of escaping Alcatraz—no, not the guards or the bars, but the shark-infested waters.

World’s Deadliest Sharks, United Sharks of America, and Sharks of Lost Island are some of the other titles scheduled to play during the hammerhead-sized week of shark fun.

Mega Hammerhead, Sunday, June 26, 9/8c, Nat Geo Wild.