Bob Harper on the New ‘Biggest Loser’s Updated Approach to Fitness (VIDEO)

The Biggest Loser is back… and, well, bigger than ever. Host Bob Harper dropped by the TV Insider offices to chat about the revival (now airing on USA).

Sitting down with writer John Russell, Harper opens up about everything from his new role (he was previously a trainer on the original NBC series) to why people join the show and how the new Biggest Loser is tackling body image in today’s world.

“I think what brings them to The Biggest Loser is hope,” Harper says of the contestants. “That’s what I saw the very first day.

“We want to do everything we can to help them,” he adds of the 12 participants wishing to make a change in their lives. And there’s plenty of change going on outside of the physical.

This version of Loser is a bit different, with Harper noting, “The main thing we have learned is that a healthy body comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes.” He teases that there are off-scale victories as well as scale victories.

Harper also shares his biggest indulgence, quipping, “It would be really hard for me to say no to some nachos and a frito pie… in moderation, of course.”

Learn more about what you can expect to see on Loser with the full interview above, and don’t miss the series on USA.

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