‘The Biggest Loser’ Sneak Peek: Micah’s Mom Makes Amends (VIDEO)

As The Biggest Loser approaches its finale goals, we’re offering an exclusive look at the season’s final moments with a sweet exchange between finalist Micah and his mom.

Ahead of the final episode on Tuesday, March 31, fans can catch a marathon of the season, reliving the inspiring moments that transpired. Beginning at 9/8c, fans will be that much closer to finding out who has achieved the title of Biggest Loser among which will be either Jim, Kyle or Micah.

Their prize? $100,000. But before they cross any finish lines, viewers will see one of the remaining contestants share an important conversation with his mother. Sitting down at home, Micah’s mom supports him with encouraging words before apologizing for playing a role in his weight gain.

“I don’t want you to feel like you have to be that winner and if you’re not that you’re gonna disappoint us, cause you will never be a disappointment,” she tells her son. “I’m there to support you.”

Micah Biggest Loser

(Credit: John Britt/USA Network)

“I want him to have the confidence in himself, to know that whether he falls or he makes it in life, that he’s good enough,” she adds in a separate sequence.

See her make amends for the role she played in his journey with the full clip above and don’t miss the finale of The Biggest Loser on USA.

The Biggest Loser, Season finale, Tuesday, March 31, 9/8c, USA Network