’90 Day Fiancé’ Season 7 Tell All, Part 1: Letting It All Hang Out (RECAP)

Shaun Robinson TLC 90 Day Fiance Tell All
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 Tell All, Part 1].

After last week’s sweet yet underwhelming finale, the drama is officially back with tonight’s Tell All reunion episode. Apparently it’s a cheater’s world and we’re all just living in it.

Welcome Back

Each couple is shown entering the studio set to get ready. Right off the bat, Robert says that since being married to Anny, things have been difficult. Anny retorts that — surprise, surprise — Robert hasn’t been fulfilling his promises to her. What else is new?

Well, we already know that Anna’s son Joey wasn’t at the wedding but apparently her brother also refused to speak with her for a week after the nuptials. Seems like the disdain for Mursel runs deeper than just the resentment of being an absent-minded stepdad.

Angela who apparently shines during reunion episodes welcomes Syngin with a huge smile, asking how he’s been liking America. Tania unfortunately broke her leg after a car accident and is on both a scooter and crutches, so Syngin is on full doting husband duty.

Mike tries to say that he had a hectic work schedule (on the farm?) and thus almost wasn’t able to come, but it’s quickly revealed that Mike was just hesitant to face Natalie.

90 Day Fiancé Tell All TLC

Shockingly, Emily still has body image issues, commenting on how short her legs must look and her poor shoe choice. And finally, they all become seated on set with moderator Shaun Robinson diving into the hard-hitting questions. So let’s begin.

Bringing Sexy Back

There’s the necessary “let’s talk about inappropriate stuff” to break the ice, like how Robert and Anny can get it on with son Bryson nearby in their one-bedroom apartment. Robert, to his credit, reminds the couples that there is still a shower, a couch, and the floor as options.

Angela brags about having sex with Michael 38 times over two weeks while in Nigeria. Yay?

“Angela, I don’t believe you,” Shaun says to laughter but come on, she’s totally right. Nope, says Angela, they did it four times a day.

Then Mursel jumps in to say this is the first time he’s heard people speak so openly about sex. “Welcome to America,” Michael with his arm around Juliana jokes back.

Tania & Syngin: Going Back to Costa Rica

Shaun straight up asks why Tania felt the need to leave for Costa Rica during her 90 days with Syngin, to which Tania says she’s postponed the trip for two years. Not totally an answer but whatever.

This doesn’t sit well with some of the other couples. “I would never do that to Anny because I need that time. It’s 90 days not 60 days,” Robert shares. Tania claps back by saying that Robert had only been with Anny in-person for eight hours prior to her coming to America, where she and Syngin were in South Africa for nine months together.

Tania + Syngin 90 Day Fiancé TLC

“You judging me?” Robert asks, and Tania passive aggressively just says no and then literally flips her hair. Apparently people have been thinking that Tania is a “hard cold b**ch” with no feelings, and Michael backs her up by saying that she’s been getting the most pushback from fans. This isn’t really helping.

“If I had made the decision on my own [to go to Costa Rica], that would have been really selfish, but it was a decision that both of us made for me to still go,” Tania adamantly repeats. Then why was Syngin so opposed to her going on camera? Shaun also calls out Tania for the flirtatious dancing while in Costa Rica, and that’s probably why fans were skeptical over whether she was there for work or for vacation.

The fact of the matter is that Syngin felt alone and abandoned while she was gone, and it still seems to be a sore spot for the couple. But the tension also stems from Syngin dragging his feet with committing to a career path or even volunteering; alas, there might be a deeper reason for that stemming from his traumatic experience working in the mines.

Tania 90 Day Fiancé TLC

Then the question of children comes up. Remember how adamant Tania was at the beginning of the season for her two-year plan to have kids? Well they still haven’t resolved that at all. “If you look up and it’s five years later and he still doesn’t want kids, would you get divorced?” Shaun asks Tania.

“I think it’s definitely something we would break up over,” Syngin cryptically answers while Tania just looks away. Anna asks why they would still get married then, which is kind of rich coming from her since she married a man whose family didn’t even know she had kids. Tania just says that she is waiting for Syngin to figure it out.

Emily & Sasha: Weighty Conversation

The theme of exes and past relationships is brought up, and of course the obvious clip to show is that of Emily meeting one of Sasha’s ex-wives (emphasis on the plural). Emily just says that the ex-wife is a “negative person” since she was warning Emily about Sasha’s infidelity and guess what? Sasha met Emily while he was still married to his second ex-wife but they “didn’t start a relationship” until he was separated. Again, separated does not mean divorced.

“She was just my client,” Sasha says of Emily, no doubt pocketing that line to one day tell Emily about his inevitable fourth wife. And Emily apparently asked him out while Sasha was married so does she feel happy about breaking up a family?

Then Shaun brings in Betsy aka Season 7 savior via video chat and Shaun just rips Sasha to shreds. “Do you think Sasha fat shames Emily?” YES, YES I DO.

Sasha + Emily TLC 90 Day Fiance

“I think Sasha confuses weight and health, and appearance and health. He cares what she looks like. He doesn’t care if she’s healthy,” queen Betsy beautifully sums up. She is a true gem.

“I want my life to look and feel healthy, so I’m taking care of her and my whole family,” Sasha replies in what he thinks is a witty retort. OK Sasha, like no one can see through this. Betsy reminds him that he is not a professional nutritionist. In other words, an Instagram bio saying “nutritionist” doesn’t count. “Where did you get your degree from? Google?” All hail the perfect Betsy!

Shaun asks if Emily feels pressured by Sasha to lose the baby weight, and Emily just says that she doesn’t like what she sees when she looks in the mirror. Well, no one would if they have someone they love muttering behind them how disgusting they are. “I don’t want to look like this forever,” Emily wallows.

“You’re beautiful,” Tania jumps in to rescue Emily. Applause for Tania please, because if anything from this Tell All, we now know she’s at least more real and heartfelt than the season let on.

Finally, it comes out that Emily’s weight is affecting their relationship, plus the fact that she works full-time and has a young baby and is just exhausted. Then Blake says that he likes when dominatrix Jasmin scolds him for eating junk food, so a bromance blossoms between him and Sasha. Let’s not actually address the fact that Sasha is legitimately body-shaming his wife, and her “bad mood” that she is crediting to baby weight to is most likely due not to a few pounds but to the hulking mass that she sleeps next to.

Sasha TLC 90 Day Fiancé

“Your body will tell you to eat whatever you want but then you’ll get what you deserve,” Sasha menacingly says as Mike raises his eyebrows.

Before they cut to commercial, Emily tells Sasha that she’s shaking and it might be from not eating enough. Do we need any more signs that this is a horrific pairing?

Juliana & Michael: Family Ties

Juliana speaks about the guilt she feels for being better off than her family in Brazil. She pays for their house every month but apparently they haven’t spoken to her since she moved to the U.S. Juliana starts crying and her title of Most Compassionate in 90 Day history is officially cemented.

Shaun brings out Michael’s ex-wife Sarah to answer why they got divorced in the first place since they have such a good relationship now. The short answer? Michael basically had a midlife crisis.

Juliana + Michael TLC 90 Day Fiancé

But was there any infidelity? “I guess it would depend on how you define infidelity,” Sarah replies. Michael admits to “emotional infidelity” with flirtatious texting but assures that nothing happened until after the divorce papers were filed. Sarah agrees.

Juliana and Sarah hold hands throughout the segment, and Juliana says that they truly are best friends. “That’s impressive,” Sasha comments because his three wives definitely do not get along.

Juliana TLC 90 Day Fiancé

And then scene-stealers Max and CeCe come out to sit with their family and talk about what it’s like to have Juliana as a stepmom. Max has a very profound point to the other couples this season that maybe they should learn the culture of their fiancé and a little bit of their language. Syngin applauds Max, and Anna kind of laughs knowing that the language barrier was directly in reference to her and Mursel. Max’s favorite couple besides his parents are Tania and Syngin, and CeCe is the only person still holding out hope for Mike and Natalie (not a good sign that she forgot Natalie’s name).

Anny & Robert: Annoying In-Laws

Shaun brings up the subject of money when it comes to Robert and Anny’s relationship. Robert says that he chose not to move into a tw0-bedroom apartment because their current home is across the street from Bryson’s school, but as Anny says, that is not a real excuse. Also, that whole cringeworthy Goodwill sequence was apparently just a “test” for Anny.

Bryson’s grandparents are then brought in through video chat and things quickly get awkward when Anny reveals that she has reproductive issues, and that birth control comment by porn granny Stephanie hurt her feelings. The trashy grandparents try to make a joke about how fertile Robert is, and it’s just insulting and uncomfortable.

Stephanie + Ben TLC 90 Day Fiance

Off-screen, there have been threatening texts between Robert and the grandparents, and they shut the video chat camera off after the question of why Bryson hasn’t seen them recently is brought up.

Turns out that after a devastating apartment fire, Stephanie refused to let Robert and Bryson stay with them. Robert says he doesn’t have a problem with Stephanie’s husband Ben, but she obviously controls the situation.

Anna & Mursel: Well, At Least It’s Not Mursel’s Family

Shaun says that it’s remarkable how Anna and Mursel fell in love without being able to speak the same language, and Anna repeats once again that no, apparently they both can speak a little English and Turkish. “I don’t believe that,” Shaun responds with a smile.

Anna begs Mursel to show that he can speak English: “Say some sentences.” Anna is obviously embarrassed but it’s weird and kind of motherly. “It’s not as bad as it looks,” she concludes. Mursel also has a translator for the Tell All.

Mursel + Anna 90 Day Fiancé TLC

The situation with Mursel and Anna’s boys is still strained. Anna’s eldest Joey apparently gets mad whenever the younger sons call Mursel “father,” but of course the whole refusing to acknowledge their existence did some lasting damage.

Mursel wants to have a child with Anna which will no doubt add to the drama. Anna can’t carry a baby, and thus they would need a surrogate, but such a practice is illegal in Turkey. Therefore, Anna says they’re not planning on telling Mursel’s family but Mursel might let slip it at some point. Oh great.

Return to #SoulmateGate

So finally Shaun mentions the whole soulmate issue with Syngin and Tania. The ex Tania was referring to as supposedly her true soulmate was a boy she had known since she was 11 years old and essentially grew up with. Tania says that she now believes in multiple soulmates in a variety of capacities and is just trying to figure herself out. She tears up after saying that Syngin really understands her. “I don’t need the world to understand me. I just need him to understand me,” Tania says.

Mike + Natalie 90 Day Fiancé TLC

Shaun asks if Mike thinks Natalie is his soulmate, and he says that they definitely met in a past life, probably with aliens in the background. Natalie, though, says that she can’t say Mike is hers without lying.

Natalie & Mike: To Be Continued?

Mike is hurt that Natalie compares him to her ex-husband, while Natalie is nervous about moving to the U.S. and Mike being able to financially support her. They still seem to be together since they’re discussing having children… but they don’t really talk anymore? Something definitely happened.

But we won’t know until tomorrow night! Talk soon, 90 Day fans!

90 Day Fiancé, Tell All, Part 2, Monday, February 17, 8/7c, TLC