Meet the ‘Vagrant Queen,’ Deadbeat & Mechanic of Syfy’s New Series (VIDEO)

Syfy Vagrant Queen Poster

Ready for your next Syfy obsession? Vagrant Queen may help fill that Killjoys-sized hole in your heart.

The network announced that the 10-episode series based on the original comic from Vault Comics will premiere on Friday, March 27 at 10/9c. Syfy also released the first trailer and key art.

The video (below) introduces Elida (Adriyan Rae), who goes from child queen to orphaned outcast. She scavenges the treacherous corners of the galaxy, staying one step ahead of the Republic government out to extinguish her bloodline. But she’s not alone. She has her old friend, Isaac (Tim Rozon), labeled the “deadbeat,” and a new ally, Amae (Alex McGregor), the mechanic, with her as they attempt to rescue her mother Xevelyn, who turns out to still be alive.

But they’ll have to go into the perilous heart of her former kingdom and face her childhood foe, Commander Lazaro (Paul du Toit). And along the way, there will be plenty of fighting, shootouts, quips, and teamwork.

Vagrant Queen has an all-female team of writers and directors, with Jem Garrard serving as creator and showrunner. Gerrard also executive produces with Lance Samuels and Daniel Iron, as well as F.J. DeSanto and Damian Wassel on behalf of Vault Comics.

Syfy Vagrant Queen Adriyan Rae Tim Rozon Alex McGregor


Vagrant Queen, Series Premiere, Friday, March 27, 10/9c, Syfy