‘Wynonna Earp’ EP Talks ‘WayHaught’ and a ‘Truly Terrifying’ Villain

Wynonna Earp - Season 1

Wynonna Earp is in a lot of trouble—especially seeing as how last week’s episode revealed that not only have she and Officer Haught (Melanie Scrofano and Katherine Barrell) been taken, but they left behind a lot of blood.

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And even though she’s has faced (and defeated) the many revenants who’ve come after her before, this is the first time Wynonna’s gone up against someone quite so powerful—and at this clear of a disadvantage. With the Earp heir and her new pal in such imminent danger, TV Insider caught up with executive producer Emily Andras to discuss this week’s ‘truly terrifying villain,’ whether romance is in the cards for “WayHaught” anytime soon and the joys of writing for a genre audience.

Tell me about Friday’s episode.
It has something for everybody: danger, horror, suspense, sexiness. It has man candy. It has woman candy. It has Wynonna at her absolute best, and a truly terrifying villain. For once, Wynonna is the one in danger, and I mean she is in serious peril here. This is the first time we see the team put aside their differences to race to save their girl. On the other hand, Wynonna is her own hero and if there’s a way to save herself, she’s gonna fight to the bitter end to do it. But boy, it’s gonna be terrifying watching her try to survive.

You mention differences. How are Doc and Dolls doing? Things have been building up between the two of them, will we finally see them hash it out sort of?
Things are definitely coming to a head between those two characters, and they come together in a very sexy, extreme way in this episode. The audience is the one that’s rewarded for their attention.

Considering this is the most danger she’s ever been in, how is Wynonna handling things?
We’ve seen Wynonna dealing with things. She uses alcohol, humor and cynicism to deal with the fact that she basically has to kill people again and again and again to survive. I would say we are getting to a point where it’s going to effect her in a very specific way going forward.

Officer Haught is also in danger, as well. Will we see Waverly possibly explore the fact that she might have feelings for her?
It’s no secret to anyone that Waverly’s two best girls are in serious danger going into the episode, so that’s an awful situation to be in, right? Who is Waverly cheering for? Wynonna is her sister. There’s not really any competition, but Haught is in danger and if I was Waverly, I don’t even know how I would process that because both these girls are in a fairly terrible situation.

Obviously fans want to see some kind of movement romantically for the two of them. Is there anything you can possibly tease?
What? I’m shocked! I am utterly shocked! (Laughs) No. I would say that I am delighted with the fans’ enthusiasm for WayHaught. Those two characters have immense chemistry and potential is definitely something to look forward to, to hope for.

We’ve seen how the seventh revenant has a certain effect on Wynonna and we know that Bobo has telekinesis. Is this a thing that is specific to these revenants or do they have a general set of powers?They have general powers, but they also each have specific powers based on who they were in their past lives as humans, as outlaws. In Episode 4 there was a barber who seems to be able to project itself through mirrors. In Episode 5, Vinny was able to use his voice to imitate others, like Wynonna’s father. This is kind of the danger of revenants, is they are both universal but also they really do seem to have unique individual powers that keep cropping up. More and more, Wynonna and her team are going to have to face that fact, that the more they know, the more they also don’t know. They never really know what they’re going to be facing as far as the demonic.

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What is it about this revenant that makes him so dangerous?
He has a very specific history that is intriguing and has already landed him a place in history potentially. That’s all I’ll say. Maybe he’s more well-known than some of the revenants we’ve met thus far.

What is Bobo working on now? Is he still collaborating with the Stone Witch’s plan or does he have his own thing happening simultaneously?
That is a great question and we definitely are ramping up to keep following Bobo. The only thing I can tell you is Bobo’s plan remains the same as it always has. He just needs to figure out a way to get the hell out of Ghost River Triangle, and he definitely has a very specific plan.

A couple episodes ago we met a couple of very sympathetic revenants. Will Wynonna run into any others?
We talked a lot about this curse and the idea that all the revenants are imprisoned within Ghost River Triangle, but so are our players on some level. They can’t really break the curse unless they kill everybody, but not every criminal in the world is the same level of evil, for lack of a better term. A serial killer is not the same as someone who stole a loaf of bread to feed their family. This is a conundrum that Wynonna’s facing. If she doesn’t kill every single revenant, she can’t break the Earp curse, and if she fails, all the really truly terrible revenants will resurrect again. Let me put it this way, I wouldn’t bet against Wynonna to find some sort of loophole.

The show doesn’t wait to make big reveals. For example, Doc’s identity could have been revealed in the season finale. How do you approach sharing all this information with the audience so quickly?
I have to give credit to two things. Number one, Syfy as a network is really keen on delivering mythology in story very fast. They really want to move the show at a pace that feels fresh and very modern. We’ve seen a lot of that from the Shonda Rhimes school of storytelling. We’re like, we just want to blast the story and keep you engaged. I think so much of that comes from having a genre audience. The truth is, the genre audience in general is incredibly sophisticated. They get it. They don’t need their hand held. They’re along for the ride and they can devour a lot of information, so that’s what I appreciate is that the fans are smart. They understand storytelling, they’re able to digest information at a really fast pace, and know that we’ll come back to it. It’s a pleasure to write a season that moves this quickly, and I hope it’s still satisfying emotionally. Rest assured, we definitely have enough material for ten seasons, so keep on watching and we’ll keep writing at this pace!

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