‘Married at First Sight’: 12 Key Moments From ‘One Night Spouse’ (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 10, Episode 4, “One Night Spouse.”]

Season 10 of the Married at First Sight saga continued during Wednesday’s broadcast, but it was anything but smooth sailing for some.

Below, we’re breaking down key moments from the episode titled “One Night Spouse,” which included the newlywed couples venturing to their honeymoon location. Find out how paradise is treating our couples, but beware of spoilers.

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Brandon’s Gift

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Brandon sets the bar high when he gifts his wife a silver heart pendant from Tiffany’s as a token to commemorate their union. The words “Mrs. Reid” are etched on the jewelry which thrills the bride.

Awkward Michael

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In an attempt to get ready for bed, Meka asks new hubby Michael to unbutton her dress as a means of helping her. His automatic response? Michael backed away from her saying he wasn’t ready before conceding.

Derek Spills the Beans

(Credit: Lifetime)

After being grilled by Katie’s friends in the previous episode, she asks Derek what they said and he was all giggles as he regaled their orders to bring his wife “the fire.”

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Twin Seal of Approval

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During family meetings, Austin gets to know Jessica’s twin sister and husband who he tries to impress. It’s clear by the end of their get together he has the twin seal of approval from Jessica’s sis.

Intimidating Parents

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During Jessica’s meeting with Austin’s family, his mother is tolerant, but she’s tough on her new daughter-in-law at first. The same goes for Brandon’s treatment by Taylor’s family who have him sweating before he’s able to leave the table.


(Credit: Lifetime)

In the middle of meeting Katie’s family, Derek asks to see her father somewhere private. He reveals that despite being married at first sight he’s rather traditional and asks for the man’s blessing over his and Katie’s marriage, which he easily earns.

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Model Callout

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When Mindy’s friends meet with Zach, one of them points out his modeling career, and wonders if he ventured into MAFS for the attention. He says no, but she still looks skeptical of the hunky hubby.


(Credit: Lifetime)

While meeting with Meka’s family, Michael is asked whether he’s ever cheated on a partner in the past. He is candid when he replies that he has cheated but only emotionally. This shocks Meka’s mother, but she admires his honesty.

Panama Party

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In the early days of their unions, the couples received the show’s customary boxes which hold swag for their honeymoons and revealed they’d be traveling to Panama.

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Palpable Tension

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When the five couples arrive in Panama, both Mindy and Derek (in testimonials) note a palpable tension between Michael and Meka. We later learn Meka’s upset because Michael supposedly gave her an ultimatum that if she doesn’t consummate their marriage before the honeymoon’s over, he doesn’t want to move forward with the union. He denies her claims, but they end up sleeping in separate rooms by the episode’s end.


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In Jessica and Austin’s room, critters abound as the couple tackles the Panama wildlife within their space including a big bug and lizard.

Mindy’s Mood

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As the episode ends, we join Mindy in a video diary-style format as she reveals she’s had to leave her room to get away from Zach. Upset, she claims she can’t be around him, but doesn’t give too much info on the matter.

Stay tuned to see how things progress for better or worse on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight.

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