Ken Jennings Crowned ‘Greatest of All Time’: How Much Has He Won on ‘Jeopardy!’ Now?

ABC/Eric McCandless

Jeopardy! crowned one of its best-known players as the GOAT during Night 4 of ABC’s Jeopardy!: The Greatest of All Time tournament.

Ken Jennings edged out competitors James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter for the ultimate title and a prize of $1 million. The runners-up earned $250,000 as a consolation prize for their efforts.

In one of the tournament’s most exciting games, Jennings took big risks that paid off as he doubled his total in the first game of the fourth night with an all-in final Jeopardy bet. While Holzhauer talked a big game, the professional gambler continued to pat Jennings on the back between rounds, and Rutter congratulated his fellow competitor when Jennings was named champ.

(Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless)

The episode took an intense turn when the Final Jeopardy round of the second game rolled around. While Rutter wasn’t a threat, if Holzhauer answered the question accurately, Jennings may not have been crowned champ on Night 4, as his bet was the entirety of his total whereas Jennings risked $0 for his answer.

Ending the night, Jennings joined host Alex Trebek at center stage to accept his trophy, and the pair shared a sweet moment as the victor celebrated his win.

While he’s not technically the biggest winner in the show’s history — that would still be Rutter — Jennings did boost his total astronomically, putting him close behind the record-holder. Ahead of his appearance on Greatest of All Time, Jennings’ winnings totaled $3,370,700.

(Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless)

Now, including his Greatest of All Time winnings, Jennings has raked in $4,370,700 through his appearances over the years. The champ is best-known for his lengthy 74-game winning streak in the early 2000s.

Below, see the champion and his fellow competitors discuss the tournament.

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