Will Eddie Barrett Be Responsible for Another Major ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Death?

Spoiler Alert
Sam Lothridge/CBS

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 6, Episode 9 of NCIS: New Orleans, “Convicted.”]

Eddie Barrett (Eddie Cahill) has already killed one of NCIS: New Orleans‘ own (despite his “alibi”). And in “Convicted,” he gets a little too close to a member of Pride’s (Scott Bakula) family for the agent’s — and our — comfort. And, of course, there’s the episode-ending cliffhanger to consider.

An alibi witness, Collins, comes forward for Eddie, forcing the agents to rethink their strategy to put Lasalle’s (Lucas Black) murderer behind bars. “You’re not afraid to zag when zigging isn’t working,” Jimmy (Jason Allen Carvell) reminds his brother. And Pride realizes that if they can prove he’s the boss of his drug ring, any crime associated with it can be tied to him. Therefore they let him walk and put him under surveillance.

And Eddie knows it, so he heads to Pride’s bar, where Jimmy unwittingly talks to him like he’s just another patron — until Pride informs him who he is. Eddie loses the tail when Pride follows him out, but he was being watched for long enough that he has an alibi when Collins is killed.

He’s clearing tying up loose ends, and the team soon realizes that Sue-Anne is one as well. In fact, as a simulation using forensic evidence proves, Eddie was trying to kill her the night of Lasalle’s death, and the agent saved her life.

It takes a while as they try to convince Sue-Anne of this, but she eventually tells them of Eddie’s “lost children.” As she puts it, “he collects troubled souls and gives them hope again.” And they’re willing to do whatever Eddie wants, such as kill for him (like one did with Collins) and hold agents serving a warrant at gunpoint when the team finds him holed up on a plantation. The episode ends with Pride, Gregorio, Hannah, and Sebastian surrounded.

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Is there a way for this to end peacefully without more blood being spilled? We can only hope, considering the team is still grieving for Lasalle. But we already know that Eddie has people who will do his dirty work for him, and that may mean one of them taking a shot at an agent — or someone perhaps going after Loretta (CCH Pounder) or Jimmy with the team at the plantation.

“I’m not losing anyone else today,” Pride stressed before they headed out, advising them to “be extra careful.”

“Nothing good comes from the path you’re on,” Eddie warned Pride earlier.

Is that all foreshadowing more pain to come for Pride and the others? Or might they finally be able to put Eddie where he belongs — behind bars — when this cliffhanger is resolved? We’ll have to wait and see.

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