‘The Masked Singer’ Sneak Peek: Could Butterfly Be Norah Jones? (VIDEO)

Michael Becker/FOX

Could The Masked Singer be trying to trick us with one of the contestants’ songs?

That’s what Ken Jeong posits in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the Fox show’s November 6 return, as Butterfly takes the stage again and the panelists try to figure out who’s under the mask.

“You guys are going to hate my guess,” he warns. “This is a Norah Jones song. … What if it was actually Norah Jones singing a different version of a Norah Jones song?”

Watch the clip below to see the other panelists’ reactions as Jeong explains himself.

Is he right? Is Butterfly Norah Jones?

The clues and performances thus far suggest a different possibility. And let’s remember what we’ve learned so far: this singer has had success in various stages of her life, she’s spiritual (“take you to church”), she has a connection to London, and she has a bit of an accent. Do those fit Jones?

Other guesses have included Spice Girls’ Me B., Fantasia, Twiggy, and Leona Lewis.

Do you think Ken Jeong right? Sound off below and be sure to keep tuning in to find out.

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