5 Reasons ‘The Masked Singer’s Flower Is Probably This Soul Legend

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The Masked Singer may be on a little hiatus due to the World Series, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop guessing who is behind this season’s masks.

Viewers have only the Season 2 contestants’ voices and cryptic intros as their true clues into the identities. Since we’ve heard all of the contestants at this point, more time spent listening can prove helpful in the quest to uncover these figures.

One performer that definitely stands out in the crowd is Flower, who has a voice any singer would envy and plenty of stage presence to boot. Below, we’re breaking down all of the reasons why the competitor is likely to be none other than Patti LaBelle.

1. The Voice

Ms. LaBelle’s voice has been making an impression on fans since the ’60s, so it’s definitely easy to identify the icon’s timeless sound. That sound seems awfully similar to that of The Masked Singer‘s Flower, but you can decide for yourself by listening to side-by-side tracks below.

2. Cooking

During one clue package, Flower hinted at a love for cooking and that it was among the many talents she tapped into for her empire. Patti LaBelle starred on Cooking Channel’s Patti LaBelle’s Place from 2015 through 2016, which you can take a peek at below. Plus, you won’t want to miss her line of delicious pies!

3. Lipstick

In Flower’s clue package, she hints at wearing lipstick and pumps into the grocery store. While this may seem like a vague hint, if people know Patti LaBelle well, they’d know she also released her own line of the makeup.

4. “Vision of Love”

One clue for the flower was her claim to be a “vision of love” on stage, and while the reference could’ve been easily passed over, it shouldn’t be — LaBelle is the godmother of pop diva Mariah Carey, who happens to have the famous single “Vision of Love.”

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5. Smells Good

The Flower claims to be the flower because she “smells good,” and while flowers may be the first thing that come to mind, perfume smells pretty good, too. As part of LaBelle’s empire, she’s sold her own perfume, only adding fuel to this growing fire behind the Flower’s possible identity.

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So, who do you think Flower is behind the mask? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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