6 Reasons ‘The Masked Singer’s Butterfly Is Probably This Singer

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The Masked Singer is well underway with its second season and continuing to put fans to the test of trying to uncover the identities behind the contestants’ elaborate disguises.

Now that viewers have been introduced to all of the participants, it’s safe to start making some more serious guesses about the remaining players, including the enchanting Butterfly. The contestant with a throwback, old soul voice has been causing a flurry of speculation as to who is the celebrity behind the mask.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the reasons why the alluring competitor is likely to be Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child fame.

1. Success Through the Years

In Butterfly’s clue package, she revealed that she’s had success in various stages of life. If we take a look at the beginning of her career, Michelle Williams began her rise to fame in the late ’90s when she joined Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland in Destiny’s Child. Now, at 40, Williams continues to record music, tour, and perform on Broadway.

(Credit: David McNew/Newsmakers)

2. The Voice

Anyone who is familiar with Williams’ sound could easily hear the similarities between her and Butterfly. Williams’ strong vocals with a higher range pretty much match the masked contestant exactly. Just listen to the two clips below:

3. Take You to Church

Butterfly says in her clue package that she’ll “take you to church,” as a possible reference to her spirituality. Williams has been open about her own spirituality and has released many gospel tracks over the years. One tune includes the 2014 track “Say Yes” which features her Destiny’s Child groupmates.

4. Stature

Looking at Butterfly’s physical proportions, she certainly shares similarities to the tall and graceful Williams.


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5. London Connection

In her clue package, the Butterfly laments that she’s afraid of her old home as the skyline of London is shown. Williams spent a lot of time in London working including performing in a West End production of Chicago, among other gigs.

6. Touch of an Accent

If viewers listen closely, Butterfly has a bit of an accent. Williams also has a slight accent if you listen to her in interviews, as you can hear below:

So, who do you think Butterfly is behind the mask? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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