Who Are the 'Masked Singer' Season 2 Contestants? Best Guesses & Reveals So Far

Meaghan Darwish


The Masked Singer is back and the competition is fiercer than ever with 16 new stars in disguise vying for the top spot.

Each week, we're breaking down the contestants' performances and clues, their possible identities, and who has been unmasked so far. In the gallery above you'll find the first singers who have been revealed and below, keep tabs on the singers still in the competition.

6 Reasons 'The Masked Singer's Butterfly Is Probably This Singer

6 Reasons 'The Masked Singer's Butterfly Is Probably This Singer

There's a lot of evidence supporting the idea that this singer is a former member of a massive female pop group.

In the premiere week viewers saw four primary battles — Butterfly vs. Egg, Thingamajig vs. Skeleton, Rottweiler vs. Ladybug and Tree vs. Ice Cream — with four winners. The four remaining contestants were forced to duke it out by showing off their vocals in a second round.

Ultimately, the four competitors forced to battle — Egg, Skeleton, Ladybug, and Ice Cream — were whittled down to two, with the other two sent packing. In Week 2 viewers saw two rounds of competition as Leopard and Black Widow dueled before Panda and Flamingo. As the losers of their round, Panda and Leopard performed in a second round

5 Reasons 'The Masked Singer's Flower Is Probably This Soul Legend

5 Reasons 'The Masked Singer's Flower Is Probably This Soul Legend

A lot of evidence is pointing toward this iconic R&B songstress as being the one behind the mask.

In Week 3, Eagle and Flower and Fox and Penguin faced off with Flower and Fox moving on in the first round. This left Eagle and Penguin to go head to head until one of them had to remove their mask, revealing their identity.

In Week 4, Butterfly, Thingamajig, Skeleton, Black Widow, Flamingo and Leopard all performed for their lives in the game, but ultimately Skeleton fell victim to the vote and was sent home after unmasking their identity.

In Week 5, Rottweiler, Ladybug, Tree, Penguin, Flower, and Fox competed in hopes of continuing on. Ultimately, Penguin was unmasked and sent home. Then, Black Widow, Thingamajig, Butterfly, Leopard, and Flamingo competed and brought physical clues about their identities. In the end, Black Widow's identity was revealed and sent home.

In Week 6, Fox, Ladybug, Flower, Tree and Rottweiler were featured as they sang to stay in the competition. By the episode's end Ladybug was unmasked, as she didn't make it past this round of the show.

In Week 6, Flamingo and Leopard went face to face while Flower and Rottweiler did the same, but when it came time for the smackdown, Leopard and Flower had to duel. Ultimately, it was the Flower's mask which was raised before the end of the night.

In Week 7, Joel McHale joined the panelists to listen to four singers, Butterfly and Fox, and Thingamajig and Tree. The two groups went head to head, and when Butterfly and Thingamajig were left to compete after the first round, Butterfly was the contestant who ended up taking off their mask.

Check out all of the reveals so far above, and below, see what the other competitors revealed about themselves in the show so far.

'The Masked Singer's Eagle on Getting Into Character & the Smackdown

'The Masked Singer's Eagle on Getting Into Character & the Smackdown

Plus, the celebrity reveals what we didn't hear during the guessing.


(Credit: Michael Becker/FOX)

Songs: "Easy, "Rainbow," "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," "Haven't Met You Yet" and "Caught Up"

Clues: Their strength is that they can reach anything, while their weakness is small spaces; they rapped their clues; gentle giant of the feathery kind; magic case; not a singer; more than fashion shoots and dreams; sneakers; the number 4 on a cupcake; shaking like a feather during first performance; parents taught them to pay attention in school; singing was their first love; don't run with bulls; a thingamajig's magic comes from within; magician tricks; always wears heart on sleeve; a big softie; just as warm and fuzzy on the inside as the outside; my darkest moment was when I went to rehab; used to voice winning over ladies; eats with friends; gummy worms; feel free to snoop into his life; bowties; shoes; ASL book taught him to communicate with others; in his line of work, he's used to hustling everyday; can-do attitude has gotten him far in the competition; if you want something you have to commit 100%; marriage to himself; sorry nicolamagic, I have to be my own number one; tossed wedding ring; suffered a set-back recently; platinum records or discs; more laser focused; letter with "my love, Maryland" written on it; hopes the panel swipes right on them; single

Identity Guesses: NBA players Victor Oladipo, Steph Curry, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Montell Jordan, Brian McKnight, Dennis Rodman

6 Reasons 'The Masked Singer's Thingamajig Could Be This Athlete

6 Reasons 'The Masked Singer's Thingamajig Could Be This Athlete

The clues are making this singer easier to identify.



(Credit: Michael Becker/FOX)

Songs: "Maneater," "Love Runs Out," "Castle on a Hill" and "Grenade"

Clues: Their strength is being protective, while their weakness is rib-eyes; cook your best to perform your best; pig skin on Friday Night Lights; preparation is key; champion; not over; capable of succeeding on own and "I want it that way"; humble; knew early on meant to be a star; started thanks to musical theater; versatile; Kale, Carolina, and Lil' Pete; heroes growing up were Bruce Lee and Boyz II Men; didn't imagine making it this far in the competition; very grateful; story of life didn't always look like this; unconventional road to stardom; vacuum sales; tough times but wouldn't change a single moment; North Carolina flag; unusual path led them to opportunities on and off-screen; police tape/cop show setting; leaves their heart on the stage; portrait of triumph; being on stage has been the most fun; scared of the panel discovering their identity and judging them because of it; training everyday to keep from being unmasked; platinum records; can be seen for just their voice and pure talent; everything is zen; September circled in calendar; awards; wants to win this more than anything else in career; feels like compliments are directed towards someone better than themselves

Identity Guesses: Chris Daughtry, Drake Bell, Gavin DeGraw, Darren Criss, James Franco, Mario Lopez, Gavin Rossdale, Billy Joe Armstrong


(Credit: Michael Becker/FOX)

Songs: "High Hopes," "Think," "No Excuses" and "Total Eclipse of the Hear"

Clues: Their strength is that they light up a room, while their weakness is being highly flammable; loves getting dolled up, but when the season's over there's no use; it's a shame being in exile because they could share their talent more than once a year; family history; piano player; mix parents together, it's a holiday rom-com; parents' favorite elf; encouraged to share gifts; home alone; White House; fruitcake; has been a brand ambassador and it relates to food;getting this far alongside so many great singers has been gratifying; hardest part is learning to stand on their purple stumps for the first time; blank playbill; loose pennies; flag from Chicago; works well with others; strangers with candy; no more excuses, this tree can stand tall; bowl of soup; if it wasn't for soup I wouldn't be where I am; feels like she's finally come into her own; singing and dancing like no one is watching, not even smelly cat; cross stitch with "what is a friend?" written in it; $50 bill; the spotlight is dynamite; witch hat; soup cans; living in a powder keg and giving off sparks

Identity Guesses: Beverly D'Angelo, Zooey Deschanel, Rachael Ray, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Amy Sedaris, Molly Shannon, Cheri Oteri, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lauren Graham, Lisa Kudrow, Ana Gasteyer, Nia Vardalos, Megan Mullally


(Credit: Michael Becker/FOX)

Songs: "Somebody to Love," "Respect," "Stitches," "Teenage Dream," "September" and "Don't Cha"

Clues: Adaptable under harsh directions; heavy hitter in career; no one can catch me, celebrity aspect; I really don't care; wearing or relationships; stripping away headlines; fierce yet so divine; wants to prove they're still a prime time champion; 1963; I wasn't born a winner; I wasn't always wanted; use talent as escape; never too late to flip the script; wants to be a hero in their kids' eyes; at one point I was an engineer; I once served fast food; young cub on road; pose; discovered who really was; slow jams; played at White House; RU gonna go my way; fresh new edition of old self; cameras: most of life in front of lens but prefers being behind it; liberating in this competition; can do things like never before with a mask; when I was a teenager I set myself free for the first time; since then they treat the world like their catwalk; old ladies; New York or gay Paris; New Zealand flag; channel inner amazon and champion; singing a song that celebrates the past; never wants to forget that moment when they decided to be themselves; enjoying performing, but kids will be shocked when they discover it's them;

Identity Guesses: Seal, RuPaul, Robbie Williams, Jamie Foxx, Donald Glover, Billy Porter, Alec Baldwin


(Credit: Michael Becker/FOX)

Songs: "Sucker," "Footloose," "Never Enough" and "Lady Marmalade"

Clues: Online presence; destiny; new beginnings; knows what it's like to be controlled; fashion; beauty; sassy and an escape; your chica; reminds me of when I first started out; from hood rat to Hollywood triple threat; humble beginnings with zero connections; discovered by a powerful wizard; years of highs and lows; when I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor; hated sound of own voice; stage fright; danced; sung; acted; was tickled pink when received NAACP Award; finally starting to relax; I feel so I happy I feel like I'm living in a fantasy; call their home a chateau; island; Eiffel tower and Taj Mahal pictures; soaking up all of the incredible things the panel has said about me; competition is teaching them to love their own voice for the first time in years; finally finding my center; paper people; mariachi/Spanish band; each performance has built their confidence

Identity Guesses: The Real's Adrienne Bailon, Kandi Burruss, Tia Mowry, Ally Brooke, Bella Thorne, Jillian Michaels, Fantasia Barrino


(Credit: Michael Becker/FOX)

Songs: "This Love," "Hey Look Ma, I Made It," "Every Little Step" and "Tennessee Whiskey"

Clues: Bedtime stories; foxes are clever and nocturnal; best work in night; worked on Doogie and Doubtfire; onscreen superhero persona; dances; I'm quick, I refuse to be caged in, I'm crafty; didn't always fit in; grew up in rough patch of woods; imitations; Shazam; Fast & Furious; ironic to have spent most of life in costume because growing up, he imagined it would be in a uniform;Foxhole hotel; always dreaming about entertaining on tour; has accomplished a lot in over 30 year career; Set list ("Everybody Say Yeah," "Sugar Daddy," "Cabaret," and "You and Me"); has won awards and is a household name; known for being part of a talented pack of fellas, not his voice alone; superhero all by myself; boombox as a gift from their father; trying to outfox the panelists all season; plays piano; chose a fox because they're cunning and strong and underestimated; people in white leotards; with the mask they finally feel like they finally are what people see them as; chalk board with "yes, and" written on it; true blue superhero; with the golden mask in sight, they're stripping things down; just their voice;

Identity Guesses: Wesley Snipes, Leslie Odom Jr., Anthony Mackie, Tyrese Gibson, Jamie Foxx, AJ McLean, Sterling K. Brown, Shawn Stockman, Taye Diggs

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