5 Reasons ‘The Masked Singer’s Fox Is Likely This Multi-Talented Star

Michael Becker/FOX

After taking a couple weeks off for the World Series, The Masked Singer is back November 6 and ready to reveal more stars under the Season 2 masks.

Each week, several of the contestants offer clues and perform at least one song to get the panelists and viewers guessing their identity. Each little bit could lead to the right one.

Fox stands out, as a singer and a performer, and after the “This Love” performance and the clues given in the third week, it seems very likely Wayne Brady is under the mask — read on for why.

His Voice

The voices of Brady and Fox are very distinct — and certainly sound similar. As soon as Fox started singing “This Love,” Brady was an immediate guess. Check out the two songs below and see what you think.

His Resume

In the clues package, Fox said, “from Doogie to Doubtfire, I’ve laughed with them all.” Brady worked with Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother (he played Harris’ brother), and Robin Williams appeared on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

(Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

A “Performer”

Panelist Robin Thicke noted that Fox has “a performer’s presence,” and that is very true of the multi-talented Wayne. As we’ve seen in his hosting gigs and time on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, he knows how to act on a stage and command an audience.

“Dabbled in Different Genres”

In the clues package, Fox says, “I’ve dabbled in many different genres,” and on stage after his performance, offered he “[refuses] to be caged in.” Brady’s career fits; he’s been in sketch comedy shows, voiced animated characters, hosted talk shows, guest starred on comedy and sci-fi series, and appeared on a soap opera. He’ll also recur on the superhero drama, Black Lightning.

Broadway Skills

Panelist Jenny McCarthy said Fox has “a Broadway” voice (and even guessed a Hamilton star), and one of the clues is, “I’ve definitely done my best work at night.” Brady was in Chicago and Kinky Boots on Broadway and starred as Aaron Burr in the PrivateBank Theatre production of Hamilton in Chicago.