Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’ Rounds Out Cast With Jeff Perry, Anders Holm & More

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UPDATED (11/7/2019):

The cast of Shonda Rhimes’ Inventing Anna is growing with the addition of five new stars. Succession‘s Arian Moayed, Workaholics‘ Anders Holm, For the People‘s Anna Deavere Smith, Scandal‘s Jeff Perry and Billions‘ Terry Kinney have joined the limited series drama.

Moayed is set to portray Todd, lawyer to Julia Garner’s Anna and Holm is playing Jack, the supportive husband to Anna Chlumsky’s Vivian. Meanwhile, Deavere stars as Maud, a journalist who has been forgotten by her peers.

Meanwhile, Perry reunites with Rhimes to play Lou, a man who is described as smarter and kinder than most. And Kinney will appear as Barry, a war correspondent who would rather do nothing than cover pop culture.

Arian Moayed and Terry Kinney (Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

ORIGINAL STORY (11/1/2019):

The cast for Shonda Rhimes‘ first Netflix drama, Inventing Anna, is taking shape as the streaming platform revealed five stars now attached to the limited series.

Emmy winner Julia Garner, Laverne Cox, Anna Chlumsky, Katie Lowes, and Alexis Floyd are all set to feature in the 10-episode series. The project is set to film in New York and is created and executive produced by Rhimes, executive produced by Betsy Beers, and will include two episodes directed by David Frankel.

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Based on a true story, the drama follows a journalist who takes interest in the story of Anna Delvey, known by many as the “Soho Grifter” or an “Instagram-legendary German heiress who stole the hearts of New York’s social scene” as well as their money. The question of whether Anna is New York’s biggest con-woman arises as she forms a bond with the reporter described as a “dark funny love-hate bond.”

While Anna awaits trial, the reporter will attempt to answer the question, who is Anna Delvey? The show is inspired by the New York Magazine article “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People,” written by Jessica Pressler, who serves as a producer on this project.

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Oscar and Emmy winning Frankel will helm the first episode as director, the executive producer’s past credits include The Devil Wears Prada and Band of Brothers. Meanwhile, Veep‘s Anna Chlumsky will portray Vivian, a reporter working to salvage her career with the right story.

Ozark‘s Julia Garner will play Anna Delvey, a young woman in her mid-20s who takes New York by storm along with her European accent. Seen as either a brilliant businesswoman or a scammer to the highest degree, Anna attracts loyalty, compassion, contempt and obsession.

Alexis Floyd and Katie Lowes (Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Rhimes reunites with Scandal alumna Katie Lowes in the project, as the actress is set to play Rachel, a follower and blind worshiper of Anna. Her devotion almost ruins her job, credit and life. Laverne Cox will portray Kacy Duke, a celebrity trainer and life coach who gets sucked into Anna’s orbit but manages to use her maturity to stay out of serious trouble.

And Alexis Floyd will play Neff, a hotel concierge and aspiring filmmaker who knows the way New York works. While drawn to Anna, Neff knows enough of the world to not be anyone’s fool.

Stay tuned for any additional details as the series continues to come together on Netflix.

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