Jeremy Irons Teases His Mysterious ‘Watchmen’ Character & What’s to Come (VIDEO)

HBO’s Watchmen has finally debuted, and although it’s rooted in the world of the graphic novel, Damon Lindelof‘s remix is filled with mystery.

One major mystery is the identity of Jeremy Irons‘ character, who the network refers to as the Lord of a Country Estate. For fans of the source material, there’s strong speculation that he’s portraying Adrian Veidt (aka Ozymandias), who was responsible for staging a fake alien attack on New York City as a means of preventing World War III.

There’s no doubt some similarities between the two, including Irons’ penchant for wearing Ozymandias’ flagship colors of gold and purple. But the Lord’s identity isn’t the only mystery plaguing Irons’ character’s storyline though.

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There’s also the presence of his servants Mr. Phillips (Tom Mison) and Ms. Crookshanks (Sara Vickers) that is leaving viewers curious. Luckily, TV Insider had the chance to catch up with Irons during the show’s press junket where he’s teasing his own character, the roles of his servants and more.

(Credit: HBO)

When we asked if the actor could share any information about his character he answered, “Practically nothing.” But he does go on to say that, “He’s somebody who is where he is, surrounded by rather tedious people, trying to do something, not very happy with where he is, trying to stop himself from getting too bored.”

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“Where he’s going, I suppose, will become clear,” Irons reassures. “He has something he wants and can’t get, so that keeps him interested,” he adds.

As for the actor’s horseback scenes, those were scripted, despite his personal enthusiasm as a horseman in real life. “It was one of the main reasons I took the role, really,” Irons states. “I love horse riding and tried to encourage them to put more and more and more of it in.”

(Credit: HBO)

Find out what else the star is saying in the video interview above, and don’t miss his character’s story unfold each week when Watchmen airs on HBO.

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