Regina King & EP Nicole Kassell on ‘Watchmen’s Connection to the Graphic Novel (VIDEO)

HBO’s Watchmen is days away from debuting and TV Insider sat down with star Regina King and executive producer and director Nicole Kassell to discuss the new story adapted from the beloved graphic novel.

In New York City on October 2, the women shared some fun tidbits during the press junket, including how they became involved in the world of Watchmen — they were both quick to answer in unison: “Damon Lindelof.”

Lindelof (Lost) is also the creator of HBO’s The Leftovers, on which he collaborated with both King and Kassell. But Watchmen is a very different beast, a series set in an alt-reality 2019 in which police wear masks to protect themselves from terrorist groups like the Seventh Kavalry — a KKK-like organization who don Rorschach masks.

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Damon Lindelof's sprawling alt-reality fantasy questions the nature of heroes amid a race war.

King plays Angela Abar, a detective on the Tulsa, Oklahoma police force who works under the masked-alias of Sister Night. “You will be entertained the whole way,” King says of her character’s story.

In terms of Angela’s connection to the original story, King promises the reveal will be “a big, giant reward.”

King as Sister Night (Credit: HBO)

Watchmen the book is our actual history,” Kassell shares of the series’ current setting. “Regina’s character knows all of those people,” Kassell adds of Angela’s knowledge in regards of the vigilantes that roamed the streets in the past. “We created a bible, a 50-page bible… of the rules,” the director reveals.

They discuss filming King’s intense fighting scenes, costume inspiration and much more in the video interview above. Don’t miss what’s in store when Watchmen arrives October 20.

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