‘Good Witch’s Lolita Davidovich Says Autumn’s Time in Middleton ‘Heals Her’

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Cassie’s (Catherine Bell) getting a blast from her past just in time for Halloween in Good Witch: Curse from a Rose.

Lolita Davidovich guest stars as Cassie’s college roommate Autumn Deveraux, but it’s not exactly a happy reunion. Autumn resents Cassie for something in their past, and it’s up to Cassie to use her magical instincts to help her old friend through her unresolved feelings before she sabotages Middleton’s celebrations for the holiday.

“I love the show, and I hope it turns out as fun as it was to do and that my participation will fit in and it’ll be a great Halloween episode,” Davidovich told TV Insider.

Here, the actress breaks down Cassie and Autumn’s past and present relationships and reveals why her character’s visit to the town of Middleton couldn’t have come at a better time.

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A college roommate visits Cassie, and her resentment over a past event threatens to sabotage Middleton's Halloween celebrations.

Autumn and Cassie were college roommates. How would you describe their relationship back then?

Lolita Davidovich: Back then they were probably very tight and shared a background in something a little unusual. Obviously Cassie had a strength and confidence with her magical abilities or her interests in things that are more mystical and with her potion-making that would’ve been very intriguing and seductive to Autumn. But Autumn was very insecure and even though they were probably very social and having great times, Autumn hadn’t come into her own. Her take on things went a little south, and so did her life actually.

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They’ve lost touch over the years. How would you describe their reunion and present relationship?

Because she couldn’t pursue her dreams because of a difficulty of her own making that she blamed on Cassie, she held a grudge for the life she ended up living that was different than what she’d intended and hoped. There was a gnawing feeling of really negative impulses to go back and take vengeance in a subtle way but a way that Autumn could feel some retribution and some power again and satisfaction.

[Through] the cat-and-mouse type of game they embark on when she comes back to see Cassie, Autumn starts to soften and question what she had believed all this time. Even though she had a different agenda in coming back to mess with Cassie’s life, she was becoming more and more fond of her and recalling the previous good times until there was a complete change and an epiphany for Autumn. She really saw the light and realized that things didn’t happen as though she remembered.

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There's a wedding in Middleton, but do magical powers help make everything go smoothly?

What does Autumn think of Middleton?

Autumn is completely charmed by Middleton and couldn’t believe the positivity and the community and the support. [She] really connected with the mayor in terms of just wanting to be creative and execute really interesting creative designs with the Halloween celebration and she felt that the mayor really believed in her as well and she didn’t even know Autumn. Autumn absorbed all that positive community energy.

And it’s at the time she needs it, with the perfect holiday and helping with the Halloween festivities.

Yeah, and how ironic? She thought she could make [Cassie] feel bad for, as she believed, [being] instrumental in Autumn’s life going sideways. The irony is everything about Cassie and Middleton and the experience just turns her right around and heals her from the inside out and opens up a whole new array of possibilities at the end.

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She’s also given the opportunity to participate in this bonfire creation design celebration that Autumn had some ulterior motives with and suddenly it inspires all these dormant [abilities] Autumn had not put to use since her college days.

I hope we see you again on Good Witch.

From your lips to either God’s ears or the producers’ ears.

Good Witch: Curse From a Rose, Premiere, Saturday, October 19, 8/7c, Hallmark Channel