‘The Voice’ Battles Week 1: Which Singers Are Moving On? (VIDEO)

The Voice - Season 17
Justin Lubin/NBC

Season 17 of The Voice has officially entered the Battle Rounds.

In the first week of the Battles, viewers saw some strong talent face off against each other in hopes of staying in the competition. Below, we’re rounding up the outcomes of those battles, including who will be moving on and whether any contestants were saved/stolen by the coaches.

Scroll down to see some truly incredible performances and learn more about the outcomes.

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Khalea Lynee vs. Zoe Upkins

The 36-year-old single mother and 16-year-old hopeful from Team John went head-to-head on Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine.” They received some guidance from mentor Usher alongside coach John Legend. In the end, Khalea was the winner and will move on to the Knockouts, though Legend did save Zoe.

Josie Jones vs. Kat Hammock

Team Blake’s young singers took on John Denver’s classic song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” for their duet. Their country tones may have been different, but both ladies earned praise from the coaches and mentor Darius Rucker who helped them prepare for the battle. Ultimately, Blake Shelton chose Kat as the winner and Josie was sent home.

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The talent continues to impress as the season carries on.

Melinda Rodriguez vs. Shane Q

Normani helped these Team Kelly singers prepare for their battle along with coach Kelly Clarkson. Taking on the Sam Smith tune “Too Good At Goodbyes,” 23-year-old Melinda and 28-year-old Shane brought down the house during their performance. When it came time to pick, Shane was picked to move onto Knockouts, but Melinda was saved by her coach before the night was through.

Injoy Fountain vs. Alex Guthrie

Kansas native and 29-year-old Injoy joined 25-year-old Georgian Alex for a coaching session with Kelly and guest mentor Normani. Performing “Home,” they impressed the coaches and when it came time to choose, Kelly picked Alex for the Knockouts. Sadly, no coaches saved or stole Injoy, and so she was sent packing.

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Elise Azkoul vs. Myracle Holloway

Azkoul, a 28-year-old from Atlanta, and Holloway, a 44-year-old from Los Angeles, were mentored by will.i.am alongside coach Gwen Stefani for their battle. The duo performed “Breathin'” for the audience and coaches. While there was some constructive criticism for the performance, Gwen was torn about her decision. She ultimately chose Holloway to move on to Knockouts and Azkoul was sent home when no one saved her from elimination.

Matt New vs. Max Boyle

While these men from Team John didn’t get much screen time, it was revealed that Max was chosen to move on in the competition.

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Do you have any early favorites after the first set of auditions?

Cali Wilson vs. Elliemae

These ladies from Team Blake faced off for a performance and Cali reigned supreme when her coach picked her for the knockouts, sending Elliemae home.

Katie Kadan vs. Destiny Rayne

Chicago’s Kadan and 23-year-old Rayne from Florida worked with former coach and guest mentor Usher along with John Legend to prep for their battle. The ladies presented viewers with a performance of Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” exhibiting their differing sounds. Katie came out of the battle victorious when John chose her to move forward to Knockouts, meanwhile Blake and Gwen hit their steal buttons for Destiny, who ended up picking Team Gwen.

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