16 Must-See Blind Auditions From ‘The Voice’ Season 17 Week 3 (VIDEO)

The Voice - Season 17
Justin Lubin/NBC

The Voice is continuing to give viewers plenty to enjoy as blind auditions of Season 17 continue.

Ranging from pop and country to soulful classics, Week 3 revealed some strong singers who joined teams by the end of Episode 5 and Episode 6.

Below, we’re rounding up some of the week’s best performances. Watch them for yourselves and tune in Mondays and Tuesdays for more of The Voice.

Night 5

Joana Martinez sings “Call Out My Name”

This 15 year old from Miami wowed the coaches with her performance and earned spins from Blake, Kelly and Gwen. Ultimately, she chose Team Blake.

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Brooke Stephenson performs “Let Him Fly”

Gwen, Kelly and Blake all turned for this soulful 28 year old crooner from Bolton, Connecticut. In the end, the songstress chose Team Kelly.

Zach Bridges sings “Ol’ Red”

Hailing from Pearl, Mississippi, this 28 year old talent who works as an x-ray tech at a VA hospital chose a Blake Shelton song for his blind audition. Both Gwen and Blake turned for him, but the country singer chose Team Blake.

EllieMae performs “Merry Go ‘Round”

The 21 year old Jerome, Idaho native grew up on a dairy farm came into the competition hoping for one chair spin. Thankfully, Blake made the singer’s dream come true.

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Jessie Lawrence sings “All or Nothing”

This singer from Newark, New Jersey was eager to perform for the coaches as he revealed his backstory in which music was his personal escape. The 31 year old earned a chair spin from Gwen.

Brennen Henson performs “Riptide”

The 20 year old from Flint, Michigan referred to himself as an alternative artist looking to make his hometown proud. Brennen earned chair spins from Gwen and Blake but ultimately went with Team Gwen.

Jared Herzog sings “Speechless”

This singer from Niceville, Florida is a 21 year old who for Valentine’s Day promised his girlfriend he’d audition for The Voice. Blake, John and Gwen turned for the talent and he eventually chose Team John.

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Lauren Hall performs “One and Only”

The 25 year old from West Hollywood has been a huge fans of the show and has auditioned for the past seven years. Luckily it didn’t take long for Kelly Clarkson to spin for the talent, welcoming her to Team Kelly.

Matt New sings “Sunflower”

A Midland, Texas native, this 29 year old got his music start in church youth groups but put his career on hold to raise a family. Now on financially stable ground, Matt brought his family along to audition and earned spins from Kelly, Gwen and John. In the end, Matt chose Team John.

Ricky Duran performs “River”

This 29 year old from Worcester, Massachusetts now lives in Austin, Texas pursuing his career following the deaths of his parents. He earned a standing ovation from all of the coaches who spin instantly for him and in the end he picked Team Blake.

Night 6

Myracle Holloway sings “When I Was Your Man”

The 44 year old Los Angeleno once found success in the music industry, but after a struggle with substance abuse she had to step away. Her voice impressed the coaches so much she earned spins from Gwen and Blake and Myracle chose Team Gwen.

Ricky Braddy performs “The Story”

Currently living in Nashville, Ricky revealed a music background in the church which proved problematic when he came out as gay. The 36 year old had no difficulties when it came to wowing the coaches as Gwen, John and Blake all turned for him. In the end, Ricky decided to join Team Blake.

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Damali sings “Ocean Eyes”

This 16 year old from Norwalk, California attends a military high school without any music programs but you would never be able to tell based on her mesmerizing performance. While it seemed all hope may be lost, Kelly turned her chair at the last second to welcome Damali to Team Kelly.

Steve Knill performs “Up to the Mountain”

Kelly was quick to turn her chair for this 37 year old singer from San Francisco who exhibited his range. Kelly was Steve’s first choice, so joining Team Kelly was a dream realized.

Destiny Rayne sings “To Make You Feel My Love”

This 23 year old from Coral Springs, Florida just moved to Nashville in order to further pursue her music career. Her performance earned chair spins from John and Gwen and ultimately chose Team John.

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Khalea Lynee performs “Best Part”

This mother from St. Petersburg, Florida is 36 and let her music career fall to the wayside when she married young, but now post-divorce she’s pursuing her dream. Khalea earned chair spins from John, Kelly, Blake and Gwen giving her the ability to pick from anyone she wanted. In the end she went with Team John.

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