‘Superstore’ Sneak Peek: Amy’s Morning Meeting Goes Off Track (VIDEO)

If viewers have learned anything by now about the employees of Superstore‘s Cloud 9, it’s that they often let things get away from them.

In an exclusive sneak peek from the upcoming episode ,”Testimonials,” we see Amy (America Ferrera) trying to go over the news and notes for the day in a meeting with her staff, only to be lead astray by her easily distracted crew. The conversation begins with raccoons and how they’re managing to break into the store safe and leads to Mateo’s (Nico Santos) situation.

“Good news, Mateo’s bond hearing has been scheduled,” Amy reports to her coworkers excitedly. “His aunt’s bringing his lawyer by to get a statement from me today,” she adds.

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It’s then that the focus of the meeting starts to shift as everyone warns Amy that anything she says can be used against her. “She’s just providing a character testimony to help with this case,” Jonah (Ben Feldman) reassures.

(Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC)

But his words don’t comfort as the group continues to spiral. Eventually, when Amy announces that Carol (Irene White) will be out for a few days due to personal reasons, the lot begins to speculate if it has something to do with Sandra’s (Kaliko Kauahi) recent engagement to Jerry (Chris Grace). They even go so far as to wonder if Carol is going to murder Sandra…

Find out what happens in the exclusive clip above and don’t miss the episode “Testimonials when it airs Thursday, October 3 on NBC.

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