‘Married at First Sight’: 10 Key Moments From ‘Finale Reunion’ (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 9, Episode 15, “Finale Reunion”]

The end is here for Season 9 of Lifetime’s hit reality series Married at First Sight as the couples convene to discuss their unique experiences in the reunion episode.

Below, we’re breaking down what all of the wild moments, what’s changed and what’s stayed the same since decision day. Beware of spoilers ahead.


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Iris and Keith were up first on the couch as they spoke with Entertainment Tonight‘s Kevin Frazier about their short-lived marriage. Essentially their conversation boiled down to the argument over Iris’s virginity with her looking for answers about how it factored into Keith’s decision to get a divorce. And his explanation that he didn’t think she was mature enough clearly didn’t please Iris in the least.

Hope for the Future?

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Toward the end of their conversation, Frazier asked the duo if there was a chance they’d every reconsider the choice to get divorced and while Iris expressed hope for that in the future, Keith was less certain.

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Going Strong

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When Keith and Deonna arrived for their session, it was revealed that they had doubts about each other — though they say they’re ultimately stronger in their marriage because they worked through it. They both agreed things are more comfortable now that the cameras are gone, allowing them to get to know each other better. Deonna even admitted she was the first to say “I love you.”


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When Frazier asked if they have any plans to expand their family, Deonna and Greg — who moved into Greg’s house — pulled a fast one, teasing that they were expecting… a nephew, because Deonna’s sister is pregnant. That said, the couple did share plans to start a family within the next year or two.

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First Impressions

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When divorced couple Matt and Amber first sat down, they were asked about first impressions and he shared that he had doubts 15 minutes into meeting her. That spurred Amber to chastise him for not letting her go earlier if he knew it wasn’t going to work.


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Things wound down for this rocky pair with Amber expressing a desire to be cordial and expressing that she feels as though Matt hates her. He assured her he didn’t and said he was happy for her that she is dating now.

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Mellowed Out

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Elizabeth and Jamie presented like a brand new couple as the volatile pair appear to have mellowed out in their time off-screen. They shared that they briefly broke up when her dog got sick, but worked things out and they no longer have big, blowout fights. Living in her place, Jamie and Elizabeth seemed to be in a much better place than when fans last saw them, and they expressed their love for each other, describing life as “beautiful right now.”

Group Meeting

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In the final moments of the finale, all of the couples gathered to discuss the season, including Elizabeth and Deonna’s shock over Iris and Keith’s divorce, Jamie and Elizabeth’s fights, and more. But when it came time to talk about the fights, Elizabeth pretty much shut down and wouldn’t answer Frazier’s questions.

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A Unicorn

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When the topic of her virginity came up, Iris stated that she stands by her decision to remain chaste until marriage. Deonna then dubbed her a “unicorn” and Keith said she’s a rare individual because she’s a divorced virgin.

Prior Knowledge

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We learned something else new in the reunion — Elizabeth was aware of Matt’s cheating ways due to mutual friends between her and Amber. Ultimately, she had to share what she knew with Amber considering the high stakes. Matt then expressed his regret for the way he handled his and Amber’s marriage.

So what’s next for Married at First Sight? Lifetime teased its upcoming 10th season, which will take place in Washington D.C. Stay tuned for details as the next chapter nears.

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