‘A Million Little Things’ Boss Teases Ups & Downs for the Couples in Season 2

AMLT couples
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Ships — as in relationships — cause major waves on one of TV’s most couple-crowded shows. Just look at the complications among the suburban duos of A Million Little Things!

Here’s a status report to help navigate all the romantic ups and downs of ABC’s returning drama.

Rome and Regina (Romany Malco and Christina Moses)

“They want different things right now,” says executive producer DJ Nash of the duo in Season 2. Rome is hoping for a baby while Regina is happy simply mothering her new restaurant. “What do you do with that?”

Apparently, you trust the husband and wife who have so far weathered his clinical depression and her memories of childhood sexual abuse. “They couldn’t love each other more,” Nash says. “The strongest couple couldn’t be stronger.”

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Maggie and Gary (Allison Miller and James Roday)

Now that Maggie’s breast cancer is in remission, the two deal with more typical couple stuff. “They have never known a life together without cancer,” says Nash. (Gary is also a survivor.)

Nash hints that a new challenge will develop when someone from Maggie’s mom’s past (Parenthood‘s Jason Ritter) “comes into their world and turns everything upside down.”

(ABC/David Bukach)

Delilah and the late Jon (Stephanie Szostak and Ron Livingston)

“In some ways, the second year after someone dies is the hardest,” Nash says of Delilah, still in the healing process following husband Jon’s suicide. “You move on, memories start to fade, and you feel guilty.”

She may also feel guilty about having a baby with his best bud Eddie, which should complicate things as she grows closer to bar owner Andrew (James Tupper).

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Eddie and Katherine (David Giuntoli and Grace Park)

In the Season 1 finale, the sober rocker and his estranged wife had reconciled following his affair with Delilah — but there was one more thing he needed to get off his chest (like the fact that he’s the father of D’s baby?).

“You may assume it’s about the baby, and maybe it is,” teases Nash. “[But] coming clean, ending that relationship, being honest — Eddie has checked every box, and now Katherine has to decide: Is she going to be angry in the present or forget the past?”

A Million Little Things, Season 2 Premiere, Thursday, September 26, 9/8c, ABC