‘Stargirl’ EP Geoff Johns on His Personal Connection to the Family Superhero Series

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DC Universe’s sixth scripted show, due next year, is a double-layered labor of love for executive producer Geoff Johns. Not only did the DC comic book Stargirl launch the writer’s career back in 1999, but the heroine is based on his sister, who died in a 1996 plane crash.

That personal tie, Johns says, is why he’s so proud to create a sunnier superhero show that appeals to the whole family. “You can sit down and watch it with the kids,” he promises.

In the premiere, Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger), a California transplant living in Nebraska with her recently remarried mom, Barbara (Amy Smart), discovers that her stepdad, Pat (Luke Wilson), has a, shall we say, interesting past — he used to be the sidekick to Starman (Joel McHale), a member of the now-defunct Justice Society of America.

After Courtney stumbles upon her stepdad’s stash of old hero equipment, she picks up Starman’s staff and takes on the mantle of crime fighter Stargirl. Courtney and Pat team up to battle her new town’s darkest elements and rebuild the JSA. That means fans will see a slew of DC Comics heroes and villains — including Doctor Mid-Nite, Bronze Tiger, Wildcat, and a 12-foot CGI Solomon Grundy.

'Stargirl' Adds Four More Cast Members to DC Universe AdaptationSee Also

'Stargirl' Adds Four More Cast Members to DC Universe Adaptation

Amy Smart is among those who have joined the growing cast of Geoff Johns' pet project.

They’ll also get a lead character with a whole lotta heart, courtesy of Bassinger. “To me, Brec is Stargirl,” raves Johns. “She’s so positive and strong and smart and funny. She’s just perfect.”

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