‘Living With Yourself’ Creator Says Miles’ Double Will ‘Bring Out the Best in Him’

Fall Preview

Two heads are better than one, right? Perhaps not.

In Netflix’s pitch-dark comedy Living With Yourself, Paul Rudd stars as Miles, a guy who has basically given up on life. He’s failing at his job as a branding consultant, his marriage is faltering, and he’s not even trying to work on the novel he’s always wanted to write. Feeling like he’s hit rock bottom, Miles jumps at the chance to become a better version of himself via a mysterious spa treatment.

What he doesn’t know is that the spa actually clones superior versions of its clients and kills the world-weary originals. But thanks to a major snafu, Miles survives the process and has to face life with a seemingly perfect doppelgänger (Rudd and Rudd, above; he plays both roles).

“At first, it only brings even more self-doubt,” creator Timothy Greenberg says of Miles’ unique predicament. “But it eventually forces him to rise to the challenge.

“He’s got the perfect opponent — literally himself — and [this interaction] will ultimately bring out the best in him.”

Living With Yourself, Series Premiere, Friday, October 18, Netflix