Tom Brady Denies ‘Living With Yourself’ Cameo Was a Dig at Patriots Owner Robert Kraft

Tom Brady in Living With Yourself

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1 of Living With Yourself.]

In Netflix’s new comedy, Paul Rudd shares something in common with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady: their characters (Brady playing himself) both seek to better themselves through a mysterious treatment at a spa.

In Living With Yourself, a coworker directs Miles (Rudd) to Top Happy Spa, and upon arriving there, he sees none other than Brady walking out, embracing the day. “First time?” He asks Miles. It’s his sixth, Brady says. (Brady has won six Super Bowls.)

It was a fun cameo, but some have connected the scene with the allegations that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft paid for sex at a day spa in Florida. In fact, over the weekend a reporter pressed Brady about just that in the locker room, and the NFL star first called him out on taking it out of context. He then denied it was a dig at Kraft.

“It wasn’t about that except you want to try to use something to take it out of context,” Brady said in the video below. “It was shot on a green screen. It was agreed to a year ago. It was written four years ago. It’s unfortunate that people would choose to think I would ever do something like that about Mr. Kraft. I think that’s a very bad assessment of my relationship with him. I would never do that.”

Creator Timothy Greenberg even told Refinery29 that he didn’t think the cameo from Brady would happen after the news about Kraft, but added the athlete was the perfect choice for it, going back to when he first wrote the script four years ago. “I was like, ‘Here’s a guy that seems ageless and he’s still performing so well because he’s 37 years old and he just won his fourth Super Bowl,'” he said. “Four years later, the guy is now 41 and he’s won six Super Bowls.”

Rudd also explained why Brady was the perfect choice. “Nobody seemed to check every box like Tom Brady,” he told USA Today. “He’s kind of the epitome of excellence in just about every category.”

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