‘Back to Life’s Daisy Haggard Previews the ‘Sad & Moving’ Showtime Comedy

Fall Preview
Luke Varley/Courtesy of SHOWTIME

What if you returned home after serving 18 years in prison for a crime you committed as a teen?

Getting a second chance isn’t easy for hapless (and likable) murderer Miri (Episodes’ Daisy Haggard), who nonetheless tries to rebuild her life in the Showtime comedy Back to Life — yes, you will laugh! — set in a British seaside village where everybody knows everything about everyone…or so they think.

Details of the crime are revealed in each episode as the thirtysomething Miri, now living with protective mom Caroline (Geraldine James) and oblivious but loving dad Oscar (Richard Durden), earnestly and optimistically pursues the simplest things: a job, a piece of celery that actually crunches.

Her return also exposes secrets of her neighbors and ex-boyfriend Dom (Jamie Michie).

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The Showtime dramedy follows a water-park staffer (Dunst) who gets involved in a pyramid scheme.

“There are moments of ridiculousness and humor; other times, it’s genuinely sad and moving,” says Haggard, who interviewed female former prisoners about what it was like to reenter society.

“It’s about relationships, and that lends itself to comedy.”

Back to Life, Series Premiere, Sunday, October 6, 8:30/7:30c, Showtime