What ‘The Boys’ Told Us Before Their Kick-Ass Show Kicked Off (VIDEO)

Now that you have binged on The Boys — which you should have because it’s awesome — it’s almost safe to look back on what some of the cast shared with us at New York Comic-Con last October.

We say “almost safe,” not because of any spoilers, but because like their show, the conversation gets a tad racy at times. But with a group as hot as this, that should be expected.

For those of you who aren’t caught up, The Boys is Amazon’s wildly enjoyable adaptation of Garth Ennis’ adult comic books about a group of government-sanctioned vigilantes determined to bring down America’s most corrupt celebrities: Superheroes. Think of it as the anti-Arrowverse option, where metahumans are Kardashian-level famous but waaaay more horrible behind closed doors, especially the show’s central, Justice League-ish team known as The Seven.

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Along with Star Trek‘s Karl Urban, Banshee‘s Antony Starr and Rampage‘s Jack Quaid (also, the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid!), The Boys posse that sat down with us also included Suicide Squad‘s Karen Fukuhara, Gossip Girl vet Chace Crawford and Laz Alonso from L.A.’s Finest.

Check out the video above for what they had to say about who gets the best costume, who bares the most flesh and how, as Urban puts it, fans “will see s**t on this show you won’t see on any other show.”

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