‘Yellowstone’: Jamie Makes a Mess Trying to Fix His Mistake (RECAP)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 6 of Yellowstone, “Blood the Boy.”]

Jamie (Wes Bentley) really should have stuck with words as his weapon on Yellowstone.

“Blood the Boy” kicks off with a flashback to Jamie finding out that his father applied to Harvard for him and wants him to become a lawyer so he can help protect the ranch. “Lawyers are the swords of this century,” John (Josh Lucas) explains. “Words are weapons now. I need you to learn how to use them.”

It’s just too bad he couldn’t use them against Sarah (Michaela Conlin).

Back in the present, John (Kevin Costner) realizes who killed his cattle and who he’ll have to work with to fix that problem. Plus, Jimmy (Jefferson White) finally finds something he’s good at and a way to make some quick cash.

Jamie’s a mess

That’s really the only way to describe him as he tries to make things right about his interview. John supposes he should blame himself for Jamie being so angry and wanting to hurt him, but he points out he’s risking his brother and sister’s futures. Jamie doesn’t do any better in trying to talk than he did when Beth (Kelly Reilly) dragged him out to their father at the end of Episode 5. The only thing he can offer is that he didn’t tell Sarah everything.

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But John knows that doesn’t matter. Jamie gave her a thread she can weave into whatever she wants, so he has to find out what that is and sue her if need be.

So, Jamie has Sarah meet him in the middle of the woods and tells her he’s rescinding his permission to be quoted. She reminds him of the first amendment, and he continues to try to plead his way out of this. (And he seems to think she’ll care that he’ll be disowned.) But she’s more than happy to be the one to take everything from his family.

Instead of letting her go, however, he chases after her and slams her head into her car. “What the f***, Jamie?” he asks himself, and that and his next move probably have you asking the same thing. He then strangles her, while apologizing, and after she’s dead, he reverts back to the whimpering mess he was at the end of the last episode.

Jamie then brings her body to Rip (Cole Hauser) and begs for his help. “You know Jamie, at some point, the only way to get rid of the mess is to get rid of you,” his friend warns him. “Don’t put me in that position.”

Rip, in turn, gets Walker (Ryan Bingham) and tells him he just needs him to drive a car. What he fails to mention until after the fact is that he has Walker drive Sarah’s car and leave his prints all over pretty much everything they use to cover up the murder. (Jamie puts Sarah’s body in a kayak and sends her down the river.)

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Walker’s had enough and is really leaving the ranch this time. But fortunately for him, Kayce (Luke Grimes) shows up in time to drive him to the train station instead of Rip so he actually leaves alive.

While Jamie stops Rip from telling John what happened immediately after the murder, John sees a news report about Sarah’s “drowning.” He confronts his son, who says he didn’t have a choice. “There’s always a choice,” John tells him. “You could’ve jumped in the river, but hurting yourself never entered your mind, did it?”

Everyone’s got a Beck problem

The Beck brothers have now moved on to meeting with Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and trying to convince him to get slot machines for his casino through their leasing company. After all, that’s something of real value they can offer him, unlike whatever he’s getting from Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston) since he already took his land.

“The contractors, the communities, the Dan Jenkinses, John Dutton, whatever it is, we know how to negotiate it, make it stay far away,” Malcolm (Neal McDonough) says. They don’t want a casino on the north gate of Yellowstone. “And we will f*** you at every turn, Thomas, unless we have a reason to support it. And right now, we don’t. I suggest you give us one.”

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The last thing Thomas is going to want is to be on their bad side, just like Sheriff Haskell (Hugh Dillon). Once the Beck brothers have their screws in you, they never take them out, he warns John. He couldn’t cover his debt at one of their casinos, and they came up with ways he could. Now they own him. He suggests John find a way off their radar.

And with that, John realizes that the Beck brothers killed his cattle, as he tells Dan when he goes to see him. Of course, this can’t just be a pleasant, professional visit. First, John uses a bottle of Dan’s wine to knock down Torry (Wolé Parks), then he throws it at the wall behind Dan’s desk. After throwing one of his chairs, John finally gets down to business. The Becks are a problem, and because of them, John, Dan, and Thomas Rainwater need to sit down and clear the air.

Jimmy’s found something he can do

Jimmy tells Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) he needs money to fix a problem, and Lloyd suggests he try a rodeo competition. He even offers to spot him the money he needs to enter. And to his and everyone’s surprise, Jimmy’s actually pretty good at bronco riding.

It’s a good thing, too, so, Jimmy doesn’t have to worry about that DNR he signs beforehand. Jimmy wins, gets paid, and is excited to show off his prize to Avery (Tanaya Beatty). It’s just too bad that when he gets back to the ranch, she’s taken her stuff and left.

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Something kills us all

The episode ends with John and Kayce taking Tate (Brecken Merrill) hunting for the first time. But before they head out, they make sure he understands that the rifle has the power to take a life and he doesn’t have the power to bring it back.

“You just gotta be sure before you ever pull the trigger because killing’s the one thing you can’t undo,” John tells him.

After Tate shoots a deer, his father and grandfather “blood” him. After they put the animal’s blood on his face, Kayce tells him that taking a life is a big deal, but everything has to do it to survive.

“Killing’s the one thing that everything on this planet does to survive,” John says. “Something will kill us, too. … Something kills us all.”

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