‘Pennyworth’ Cast & EPs on How Michael Caine’s Alfred Influenced the Series (VIDEO)

Ahead of the Sunday, July 28 premiere of Pennyworth, the stars and executive producers of the EPIX series dropped by our San Diego Comic-Con video suite, sponsored by Tate’s Bake Shop, to talk all about the Alfred Pennyworth origin series.

Sitting down with Damian Holbrook, stars lead star Jack Bannon, Ben Aldridge, and Paloma Faith, as well as EPs Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon, teased everything fans should know ahead of the series premiere. A spinoff of the DC Universe in which Batman’s story is set, Pennyworth brings viewers a new perspective of the future butler who at 26 is just coming out of his time in the British Army and looking for a special line of work in security.

“He’s a strong man with a warm heart and he’s always looking… to do the right thing,” Bannon muses about his character’s temperament. “Through his past in the army he has this set of skills some people find quite useful,” he goes on to add, alluding to Aldridge’s character.

“We meet Thomas,” Aldridge begins, “he appears to be a fish out of water, there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. And he…”

“Thomas who?” Faith interrupts, pushing her costar to share Thomas’ famous last name.

“Wayne, Thomas Wayne,” Aldridge reveals a bit reluctantly before Faith cuts in again. “The Bat’s daddy!” she exclaims. The exchange then leads to the group wishing aloud that the hashtag Bat Daddy would catch on. “You’re trying to get that going,” Bannon jokes.

The conversation also includes more background on the stars’ characters as well as Cannon and Heller’s approach to a slightly different ’60s London, Michael Caine’s version of Alfred being of influence, as well as not needing to know Batman’s story to enjoy his butler’s.

Don’t miss a single second in the interview above, and be sure to watch Pennyworth when it premieres July 28 on EPIX.

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