‘Wynonna Earp’ Cast on the Power of Earpers & Wynonna’s Season 4 Fight (VIDEO)

Earpers received quite the gift just before San Diego Comic-Con 2019: news that Wynonna Earp will be returning for its fourth season in summer 2020.

Stars Melanie Scrofano, Katherine Barrell, Greg Lawson, and Chantel Riley, along with showrunner Emily Andras, stopped by TV Insider’s video suite, sponsored by Tate’s Bake Shop, to tease Season 4 and celebrate its return and the fans with our Emily Aslanian.

While Andras has yet to write any of the scripts, they do have “lots of good ideas” and have discussed the new season. “I always like to set myself a little bit of a challenge for next season,” she said.

And fans can expect to see Wynonna, who has “lost everything,” fight, according to Scrofano. “After everything that’s happened, she’s gotta fight, and if Earpers have taught us anything, it’s how to put up a good fight,” she said.

As for their reactions to the news that the show is coming back, Andras admitted she felt “relief followed by existential terror, but mostly joy.”

“As a writer, it’s good to remember, oh we’ve got to make this good enough for this fandom that has fought so hard for us,” she explained.

Watch the video above to see what the cast had to say about their dream location for an episode, WayHaught’s fans, Earpers, and more.

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