‘Ambitions’ Sneak Peek: Stephanie Shares a Steamy Moment With Greg (VIDEO)


OWN’s Ambitions is keeping things steamy heading into its fifth episode on Tuesday, July 16, as Stephanie (Robin Givens) goes to extreme lengths.

In “Killing Me Softly,” which sees Titus (Kendrick Cross) and Amara (Essence Atkins) cross paths with a surprising someone from their past, Stephanie implements a “diabolical plan to retain the firm’s most prized client.” The client in question is Greg (Gino Anthony Pesi) if the exclusive clip below is any indication.

As the two “tango” in the office, things get a little more than heated as Stephanie tells Greg, “I should have been handling your affairs from the start.” While she convinces Greg of her value to his business (she can secure a prime space at the Atlanta airport for him), he steps closer to her.

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Stephanie’s reaction is more surprising as she pulls a knife from the desk before holding it to Greg’s throat. Is it a threat or an invitation? Viewers will have to find out when Ambitions‘ episode “Killing Me Softly” airs Tuesday on OWN.

Catch the full exchange below and don’t miss the full segment in Ambitions.

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