‘Married at First Sight’: 8 Key Moments From Episode 3 (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 9, Episode 3 of Married at First Sight]

Married at First Sight‘s ninth season is in full swing now, and the four couples are off on their island getaways as the honeymoon phase sets in.

Viewers were treated to some pre-honeymoon moments as the couples met with their in-laws individually for the first time. Between tense exchanges and flirtatious firsts, the third installment of the season delivered plenty of reality TV magic. Continue reading below for a recap of some key moments from the night — but beware of spoilers.

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The couples experienced laugh-filled vows and awkward first dances.

No Holding Back

During the couples’ first night together, Elizabeth has no reservations about being her authentic self in front of her new husband Jamie. She strips down without batting an eye to change out of her gown before climbing into bed and quickly making Jamie participate in her facial treatment, which was part of a promise she made him make for shoving cake in her face during their reception.

Iris Gets Honest

Despite his mother telling him during the reception, Keith hears it straight from Iris herself that she’s a virgin. His reaction is less shocked than it would have been if he was hearing it for the first time, but he reassures her that he’s okay with it.

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Getting Comfortable

As Deonna and Greg answered and asked questions back and forth, Greg learns something he deems concerning about his new wife — she doesn’t like sweets. She tells Greg she could live without them, and his shocked expression is enough to make any viewer laugh.

Elizabeth’s Daddy Issue

When the spouses met with their in-laws, Jamie was faced with talking to Elizabeth’s mother and father, which didn’t go as smoothly as he may have wished. Apart from telling Jamie he didn’t like seeing him kiss his daughter, Elizabeth’s father got rather aggressive when grilling his new son-in-law.

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Matt’s Secret

During the in-law meetings, Amber met with Matt’s friends who stood in for his absent family. Through their conversation, Amber learns that Matt is actually a talented musician who can play multiple instruments apart from being the former pro-ball player.

Amber’s Serious Joke

It may be a joke for Amber, but teasing Matt — who is Matt Gwynne IV — about a possible Matt Gwynne V is making more than just her husband uncomfortable.

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A Matching Pair

When it was time to pack for the honeymoon, the somewhat awkward Deonna and Greg made a connection in an unlikely way. The newlyweds had packed swimsuits that were matching colors — a sweet serendipitous moment.

When in Antigua

Elizabeth and Jamie have officially set the bar for all of this season’s couples as they were the first to take their marriage to a physical level by the end of this week’s episode. Will more follow? Stay tuned for the next installment of Married at First Sight.

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