Will ‘Fuller House’ Address Lori Loughlin’s Absence as Aunt Becky?

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Netflix is preparing the final season of their Full House revival, Fuller House, and as the cast convenes once again, a key player is missing — Lori Loughlin.

She hasn’t been a main cast member in this second iteration of the beloved family series, but has appeared in the first four seasons. As Loughlin continues to sort out her legal situation surrounding the college bribery scandal in which she allegedly bought her daughters’ ways into university, one question remains, how will Fuller House address her upcoming absence?

The actress, who has been part of the Tanner family for as long as fans can remember, will certainly be missed by the show’s loyal viewers, but it was made clear that she wouldn’t be appearing in the fifth season. It isn’t the only job that Loughlin has effectively lost in the midst of her legal troubles — her employment at Hallmark Channel was also terminated following the scandal.

Now, one of Loughlin’s Fuller House costars has addressed the question, but don’t expect much of an answer.

“It hasn’t been discussed,” Candace Cameron Bure told Entertainment Tonight about how the show will handle Loughlin’s absence. “I have absolutely no answer for it, and Netflix has not even spoken about it.”

(Credit: Netflix)

Cameron Bure, who plays D.J. Tanner-Fuller in the current series, did reveal that she does know the ending of the show but wouldn’t divulge anymore beyond that. Whether Aunt Becky will be incorporated remains to be seen, but it would be surprising if the show were to avoid mentioning her at all.

Until Season 5 arrives, viewers will just have to wait and see, but if they want their Aunt Becky fill, there’s always Seasons 1-4.

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