Daniel David Stewart on ‘Catch-22’s Milo Minderbinder, George Clooney & More (VIDEO)

Catch 22 daniel david stewart
TV Insider

Classics are classics for a reason and Hulu is taking on an old favorite for their latest drama, Catch-22.

The limited series, adapted from the Joseph Heller novel of the same name, premieres Friday, May 17 on the streaming service and features a large ensemble cast. One of those cast members is Daniel David Stewart, who takes on the role of Milo Minderbinder, a war profiteer and plucked directly from Heller’s pages.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, Stewart dropped by the TV Insider offices to discuss his controversial role and where it factors into Yossarian’s (Christopher Abbott) mission to escape war.

The series was executive produced and directed by George Clooney, and features him and other A-listers such as Kyle Chandler and Hugh Laurie, which Stewart also discusses.

(Credit: Philipe Antonello / Hulu)

Below, Stewart gives those unfamiliar with Catch-22 some much-needed cliff notes. He also gives an idea of how faithful the adaptation is to the original, and much more.

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