‘Blue Bloods’ Wedding: 5 Things We Know About Jamie and Eddie’s Big Day

Something Blue

The Blue Bloods Season 9 finale will feature Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie’s (Vanessa Ray) wedding, but there’s more to the big day than just the two exchanging vows (especially since they already shared some good ones in the Season 8 finale).

Ahead of the ceremony, here are five things we know going into the event.

There’s Tension Between Eddie and Her Soon-to-Be Sister-in-Law

The day isn’t going to be without its complications. In “Something Blue,” a conflicting interview with a witness leads Erin (Bridget Moynahan) to doubt Eddie’s honesty, since Eddie took the witness’ initial statement.

Jamie finds himself in the middle of the conflict in the sneak peeks from the finale. Eddie doesn’t like that Erin is suggesting she’s a liar, while Jamie can’t believe his fiancée has a problem with his sister.

“She’s smart, she’s confident, she’s accomplished, she’s ridiculously beautiful,” Eddie says of Erin. “She is every woman’s basic nightmare.” Jamie tries to be the perfect fiancé by insisting she just described herself, but how does that work out for him?

Jamie then worries his sister doesn’t like Eddie. “I like her just fine,” Erin tells him. “And I’ll like her a hell of a lot more when she starts fighting her own battles.”

Frank’s Giving a Toast at the Rehearsal Dinner

He’s nervous about the speech — to Jamie’s surprise, given how many he gives each day.

“Not to his baby boy at his rehearsal dinner, he doesn’t,” Erin explains in the second sneak peek.

But it doesn’t look like he needs to be worried, given what we see of it in the promo. “We are so very glad to have you join our family,” he tells Eddie.

(John Paul Filo/CBS)

Who’s Walking Eddie Down the Aisle?

In Season 9, Episode 21, “Identity,” Eddie’s father, Armin (William Sadler), who’s in prison, asked Jamie to get him a furlough so he could walk his daughter down the aisle. Though Eddie’s feelings about her father are complicated and he lied about her writing him letters, she began warming up to the idea — until he called her his “angel.”

“We made a mistake,” she said to Jamie. The only time her father calls her his “angel” is when he needs “help squirming out of a jam.” Armin tried to convince her he wasn’t conning her, but she didn’t believe him.

Does that mean it might be her future father-in-law, Frank (Tom Selleck), who escorts her? It’s more likely we’ll see Eddie walking herself down the aisle, as Selleck told TV Insider, “Eddie’s very independent — and Frank hasn’t been asked.”

Who’s Danny’s Date?

While we haven’t seen this addressed on-screen (yet), Donnie Wahlberg told TV Insider in March that his partner, Baez (Marisa Ramirez), is a strong possibility. “They’re so close and she would want to be there with him, knowing how emotional it will be without [his late wife] Linda,” he said.

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Danny Speaks at the Church

Frank’s not the only one delivering a speech for the happy couple. People posted a photo of Danny speaking at the church where the ceremony will be taking place.

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