Full Schedule of USA Network and Syfy's Mother's Day Marathons

Rick and Christina Gables
USA Network

In honor of Mother’s Day, USA and Syfy will air special themed marathons. On Friday, May 10, USA will air a Modern Family marathon starting at 6/5c. Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs. Spend some extra special time with Claire and Gloria by tuning in to this mom-tastic marathon.

Then on Sunday, May 12, USA will air a Law & Order: SVU Mama Bear Mariska marathon starting at 12/11a. Over the course of this series, loyal fans always wondered if Detective Olivia Benson would become a mother. She helped so many children during her career, after all. In Season 15, we got our wish in the form of Baby Boy Doe, an infant with a tragic back story.

10 Best Mother's Day TV Episodes (PHOTOS)

10 Best Mother's Day TV Episodes (PHOTOS)

All the best Mother's Day episodes to watch with your mom on her special day

Also on Sunday, May 12, Syfy will air a Mummy’s Day movie marathon starting at 4:30/3:30c. Celebrate Mother’s Day with The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and the Syfy premiere of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Here’s the complete schedule:

Modern Family (Courtesy of USA Network)

USA's Mother’s Day Marathon

Friday, May 10 (All Times ET/PT)

06:00 PM     Modern Family — "Pilot"

06:30 PM    Modern Family — "The Bicycle Thief"

07:00 PM    Modern Family — "Come fly with Me"

07:30 PM    Modern Family — "The Incident"

08:00 PM    Modern Family — "Coal Digger"

08:30 PM    Modern Family — "Fizbo"

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10 TV Moms Who Can Kick Your A**

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09:00 PM    Modern Family — "Fears"

09:30 PM    Modern Family — "Mother Tucker"

10:00 PM    Modern Family — "Princess Party"

10:30 PM    Modern Family — "Mother’s Day"

11:00 PM    Modern Family — "The Old Man and the Tree"

11:30 PM    Modern Family — "Under Pressure"

12:00 AM    Modern Family — "When Good Kids Go Bad"

12:30 AM    Modern Family — "Phil on Wire"

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

USA's Mama Bear Mariska Marathon

 Sunday, May 12

12:00 PM     Law & Order: SVU — "Wednesday’s Child"

01:00 PM    Law & Order: SVU — "Downloaded Child"

02:00 PM    Law & Order: SVU — "Parent’s Nightmare"

03:00 PM    Law & Order: SVU — "Surrendering Noah"

04:00 PM    Law & Order: SVU — "Fashionable Crimes"

05:00 PM    Law & Order: SVU — "Terrorized"

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The 9 Worst Moms in Television History

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06:00 PM    Law & Order: SVU — "Gone Fishin’"

07:00 PM    Law & Order: SVU — "Contrapasso"

08:00 PM    Law & Order: SVU — "Unintended Consequences"

09:00 PM    Law & Order: SVU — "Intent"

10:00 PM    Law & Order: SVU — "Gone Baby Gone"

Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz in The Mummy Returns (Photo by Keith Hamshere/Universal Studios)

Syfy's Mummy’s Day Marathon

Sunday, May 12

04:30 PM     The Mummy (1999)

07:00 PM     The Mummy Returns

09:56 PM     The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor