Robin Lord Taylor (and Oswald!) Profess Their Love for ‘Gotham’ (VIDEO)

Jeff Neumann/FOX

Yaaassss King of Gotham!

In his five years of terrorizing Gotham City, Oswald Cobblepot has been an umbrella boy, business owner, prisoner, patient menace and mayor. The only thing he hasn’t been is afraid to speak his often-insane truth. And that is one of the million reasons we love the guy. Same for Robin Lord Taylor, whose work as the iconic Penguin-to-be has been a pure, unhinged-but-painfully-human joy to behold.

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'Gotham' Becomes No Man's Land in the Penultimate Episode (VIDEO)

The walls literally come tumbling down in the last episode before the series finale.

And now, as the days tick down to the end of Fox’s visually dynamic thrill-ride through Bruce Wayne’s youth, things are beginning to build to an epic turning point. Bane (Shane West) is about to destroy the city, there’s an acid-scarred madman waiting in the wings and Bruce (David Mazouz) is on the verge of meeting, well, let’s call the his spirit animals.

In April 18’s penultimate episode, “They Did What?,” the guano hits the fan on several fronts as Jim (Ben McKenzie) scrambles to amass his own fleet of foot soldiers to take down Bane’s army. And we all know, whenever Gordon’s back is against the wall, it’s usually Oswald who steps in with an assist… that usually serves himself, as well. But this time, it’s more than just self-serving on Cobblepot’s mind. It’s his city. Turns out, Jim and Bruce aren’t the only ones who refuse to let Gotham go down in flames.

And if you you think that moment is something, just wait until next week’s series finale. “There’s a really beautiful scene between Penguin and Gordon in the 10 year jump, back on that pier,” previews Lord Taylor, adding that the upcoming exchange speaks to “the weight of the years” these characters have spent together “and also the connection between me and Ben… that was the scene that I really, really wanted and that I got.”

As for what else he’s gotten from his time in Bat-town? “Confidence. And I’m gonna take away, you know, integrity. Every one, every actor and crew person on this show showed up and it’s made me better, he says. “That is my gift going forward to anyone else that I may work with: I will always show up and be there [for them]. I’ve learned that from Gotham and I know that I’ll carry that with me forever.”

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