‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Sneak Peek: Kevin Asks Jake for Help (VIDEO)

Brooklyn 99 Kevin Jake

Are there any spouses on television who know each other as well as Raymond (Andre Braugher) and Kevin (Marc Evan Jackson)?

TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek from Thursday’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “The Bimbo,” directed by series star Joe Lo Truglio, proves that the answer is no. Their relationship takes knowing the person you love to a whole new level.

In the clip, Kevin meets Jake (Andy Samberg) in the bathroom, and no, he’s not there to reminisce about their time together in a safe house watching Nicolas Cage movies. He needs police help because three antique coins were stolen from his Classics Department at Columbia.

The fact that Kevin is turning to Jake instead of Raymond has the detective worried. Should Jake be concerned that divorce could be in their future?

Watch the sneak peek below to see why Kevin wants to keep this a secret from Raymond and just how well he knows his husband:

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