‘Abby’s’: What Secret Is Abby Keeping From Her Friends? (VIDEO)

Abby's - Cast
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

First things first: On NBC’s new sitcom Abby’s, the secret that backyard bar owner Abby (Natalie Morales) is keeping from her friends and bar patrons is not that she’s bisexual. But there is a secret she’s been keeping from those close to her.

But, as Morales told us recently on the TV Insider Podcast, Abby’s sexuality is something she’s open about from the get-go, which is a more progressive direction for the character. However, in the Thursday, April 11, episode, “Free Alcohol Day,” there is something that Abby hasn’t been sharing with her friends, and it hits one of them particularly hard.

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The new NBC series centers on a bar located in the backyard of no-nonsense ex-Marine owner Abby (Natalie Morales).

It all starts when Free Alcohol Day begins at the bar, which also brings liquor promoter Dani (Cyrina Fiallo) to make one of her frequent stops at the bar. As you’ll see in this exclusive clip from NBC, the gang is very observant of the fact that Abby and Dani seem very close.

Check out the clip here to see how it all transpires:

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