TV Insider Podcast: What Natalie Morales Brings to NBC’s ‘Abby’s — Plus, Cheers & Jeers

Natalie Morales
Maarten de Boer

Once upon a time — in 1982, to be exact — Cheers debuted on NBC and the workplace sitcom ventured into a bar setting with a great cast and solid writing, ultimately running for 11 years. Time will tell if NBC’s latest bar-set-sitcom, Abby‘s, will have the same kind of success but it’s definitely a place where everybody knows your name.

In this week’s episode of the TV Insider Podcast, series’ star Natalie Morales — who plays Abby, an ex-marine, single, bisexual, Cuban (to name just a few things about her!) — brought all of her fabulous energy for a sit down to chat the new series, which comes from executive producers Josh Malmuth (Superstore) and Michael Schur (The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

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We talked the joys of pilot season (ha!), how she knew this was her role, and how she made sure the character’s sexuality wasn’t the most important thing about her (it’s just one of many things!).

Also in the episode, TV Guide Magazine‘s Damian Holbrook brings us another round of Cheers & Jeers with PLL: The Perfectionists, Champions and his thoughts on “stars behind bars.” You’ll have to listen to hear what got a cheer and what earned a jeer.

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