‘Game of Thrones’: 7 Ways to Watch the Final Season

Helen Sloane/HBO

HBO’s Game of Thrones is nearing its highly anticipated conclusion and the six-episode final season is sure to be on many watch lists. But what’s the best way to tune in?

Below, we’re breaking down a few different ways to catch the beloved series ahead of its April 14 return, including streaming options, on demand, and more. Winter is almost here, so read on to find out how to be ready when it’s time to return to Westeros.


This is the traditionalist take. If you have an HBO subscription through your cable provider, you’re likely to go for the good old-fashioned viewing choice — live TV. This is definitely the best option for fans who don’t want to have the episodes spoiled through word of mouth, social media or other possible factors.


These two variations on the traditional live approach are great options for anyone on the go, as suggested in the first one’s name. Both HBO GO and HBO NOW are essentially streaming services for HBO, GO is for those who have HBO through their cable provider whereas NOW is a service that doesn’t require cable or satellite TV. When signing in for HBO GO, you’ll fill in your cable subscription credentials, while HBO NOW has a unique login like Netflix or Hulu.

(Credit: Helen Sloane/HBO)

Also, with these services, fans can watch episodes as they air. This means that, when a Game of Thrones episode airs at 9/8c, they can log on to HBO GO or HBO NOW and the episode should be available for viewing at the same time.

PlayStation Vue HBO Subscription

Those who own a smart TV with PlayStation Vue can subscribe to HBO for $15/month without any additional fees. The live TV streaming service allows you to keep up with the episodes and it offers dozens of other options through the HBO library. The alternative lets viewers without cable stay in touch with the latest things happening in Westeros.

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PlayStation Vue is available through PS4, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, PC and Mac as well as mobile devices.

Amazon HBO Add-On or Hulu HBO Add-On

If you already subscribe to Amazon Prime Video or Hulu, you can add HBO onto your service with the monthly fee of $14.99. Amazon makes the series available through their Prime Video Channels, while Hulu’s is an add-on. Both are offering one-week free trials before implementing their monthly fee. So, if you hope to get a little more out of the experience, adding on closer to the premiere may be more economical.

The Roku Channel

On April 4, HBO was made available via The Roku Channel’s premium subscriptions making it easy to access the network’s library of films, live programming, series and more among one of which is Game of Thrones. Users of The Roku Channel can browse HBO via the premium subscriptions and trial HBO free for seven days. After the seven day trial subscribers will be charged an additional $14.99 per month as long as they wish to keep HBO.

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