New ‘Orphan Black’ Series Heading to AMC

Orphan Black
BBC America

Attention all Orphan Black fans — a new series will be coming to the small screen very soon!

A new project set in the universe of the original show is in the early development stages at AMC, according to Variety. Temple St. Productions will produce the new series, as they also produced Orphan Black.

However, this new show will not be a reboot or a spinoff. It will be a brand new story and have new characters, but it will exist in the same world as the original.

There’s also no word on the cast or a release date for the new series.

Orphan Black ran for five seasons on BBC America and starred Tatiana Maslany. It premiered back in 2013 and was nominated for a number of awards.


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In fact, Maslany was nominated for three Emmys and won the Best Actress trophy back in 2016.

Many fans reacted to the exciting news on Twitter, but some expressed disappointment in the fact the show will not star Maslany.

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Orphan Black spinoff without Tatiana Maslany?” one Twitter user wrote in disbelief.

“Don’t call the series Orphan Black if it’s not with Tatiana Maslany,” another person tweeted.

“No Tatiana Maslany? Thank you, next,” somebody else said.