‘Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez Hints at Michael-Rafael Drama and More in Final Season

Jane The Virgin - Gina Rodriguez
The CW

True to telenovela form, Jane the Virgin has put its protagonist (Gina Rodriguez) through some huge plot twists over the course of four seasons. (The show did kick off with her being unwittingly impregnated via artificial insemination.)

But nothing compares to last April’s finale, in which Jane discovered that Michael (Brett Dier) — her supposedly dead husband — was alive.

As the action picks up for the series’ final chapter, Rodriguez explains how she’ll navigate this humdinger — and eventually say adios.

How do we know that Michael is really Michael?

Gina Rodriguez: What’s wonderful about our show is that, by now, everyone understands the games we play. We left off on that cliffhanger, and we’ll come right back to that moment when Jane is standing in front of Michael — or someone who might be Michael — dumbstruck and completely in shock. We’re going to go with her on this emotional journey to find out who this person is.

Justin Baldoni as Rafael and Gina Rodriguez as Jane (Tyler Golden/The CW)

What kind of trouble will this stir up for her and Rafael (Justin Baldoni), her baby daddy and boyfriend?

Walking into the Season 4 finale, Jane thought Raf was going to propose. They were in the greatest phase of their relationship. If Michael is back, then Jane is going to have a lot of soul-searching to do. She chose Michael over Raf before…but she’s in love with Raf. It’s impossible!

Jane will carry on — at least in voice-over form — as the narrator of The CW’s upcoming spinoff, Jane the Novela. Still, how does it feel to be ending?

Jane the Novela will dive into Jane’s mind as a writer, and we’ll hear her voice and see her beautiful fabricated tales, but it definitely won’t be about Jane anymore. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to play another character as fantastic or well-written as Jane again. Jane is the dopest — I feel stronger because of her, and I’m going to miss her so much.

Jane the Virgin, Season Premiere, Wednesday, March 27, 9/8c, The CW