The 10 Most Magical Jane & Michael Moments on ‘Jane the Virgin’ (PHOTOS)

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Jane and Michael First Meet

Let’s be clear, there is nothing more awkward than Jane accidentally thinking Michael (an actual policeman) is the cop stripper her friends hired for her birthday. But because Michael is such a good sport, he wasn’t completely mortified after this. Or after Jane fired his gun at her ceiling. Only the best love stories begin when everyone’s least expecting them.


Their Ferris Wheel Kiss

This is the moment where Jane and Michael finally defined their relationship. At the time, Jane was still dating someone else and they weren’t exclusive. What starts out as a painfully uncomfortable ferris wheel ride turns into the start of something beautiful, as they sealed their relationship with a kiss.


Michael Saves Mateo

This was the actual proof that Michael is Jane’s knight in shining armor. While he was never the happiest about Jane having a baby with Rafael, at the end of the day, Michael would do anything for his love. The brave cop saves the day when he manages to get the kidnapped infant back safely from the evil Sin Rostro by any means necessary.


Best. Kiss. Ever

There’s always been magic between these two, but so much that it snows in Miami? OK, yes that snow was artificial, but this scene blew our minds and it totally blew Jane’s too.


The Engagement

After a bit of a roller coaster in those early years of their relationship, we were relieved when Michael finally proposed to Jane. And Jane was definitely ready — she responded before Michael could even get the words out!


Moving in Together

After living with her mother and abuela her whole life, Jane finally reaches this important milestone with Michael. The two moving in together made Jane realize how much her life was changing, but in the best way possible.


The Wedding

Not only was the wedding truly beautiful, Michael took it to a step further when he recited his vows in Spanish. Yet another moment proving these two would do anything for one another. Cue the happy tears!


Michael’s Letter

After Michael tragically “died” so soon after their wedding, Jane went crazy looking for a letter he’d written to her before his passing and hidden. Luckily, it made its way to her through a series of channels, and it was worth the wait.


Jane’s Book

It only makes sense that Jane’s first published book is about her relationship with Michael. Their love story is one for the ages! In the book, she writes the story just as it happened — except this time, Michael lives and they live happily ever after. Tears!


Michael Lives!

This might be the most magical moment of all. Michael “passed away” from an an aortic dissection in Season 3, but in the Season 4 finale, we found out he’s actually alive! Will Jane and Michael’s love story pick up right where it left off? Only time will tell.

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Jane the Virgin wouldn’t be a telenovela without the love triangles and sweeping storylines catering to hopeless romantics just like Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez). But Jane and Michael’s (Brett Dier) relationship is truly one for the books.

Over four seasons, we’ve watched every up and down (we’re talking career changes, family drama, babies, weddings — even a “death”), and many have prayed to a higher power that the two would end up together. Sure, some are Team Jane and Rafael (Justin Baldoni), but many others believe Jane and Michael are perfect for each other and always will be.

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While we’re waiting for the premiere of Jane the Virgin‘s fifth and final season, we’ve rounded up some of the best moments between the two for those hardcore Jane and Michael shippers. Oh, and grab a Kleenex, because you might ugly cry a bit.

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