‘Black Monday’s Andrew Rannells Teases Blair & Tiff’s Outrageous ’80s Wedding


They’re off the market! Green turned greedy stock trader Blair Pfaff and spoiled fiancée Tiff (Andrew Rannells and Casey Wilson, above) get married on the New York Stock Exchange floor March 24 on the comedy Black Monday.

The ostentatious, oh-so-’80s wedding is a crucial step in a scheme by Blair’s work-hard-play-harder boss, Jammer Group founder Maurice “Mo” Monroe (Don Cheadle), to get a controlling interest in Tiff’s family denim empire, Georgina Jeans. “The fate of the whole company hinges on this marriage,” Rannells says, and the two are pawns in a larger game.

“Blair and Tiff are in love, but they’re feeling used,” he continues. “They’re not even sure if they should be getting married, but Blair’s trying to get ahead of [Mo’s plan and] take control.”

What no one knows is Mo’s plot will somehow lead to the financial meltdown of October 19, 1987, which we’ll see in next week’s finale. The series opened with a montage of that awful day — and a mystery person’s fatal fall from a skyscraper onto a Lamborghini — then flashed back a year to count down to disaster.

But tonight it’s all about the party! Phil Reeves (Veep) and Airplane!‘s Julie Hagerty guest star as Tiff’s parents — and, says Rannells, “Blair’s terrified of them!”

The centerpiece of it all is a wedding dance choreographed by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Kathryn Burns and set to a patriotic song. “We’re just living our American dream,” Rannells says. “The whole dance could quite frankly be on the blooper reel. I hope it doesn’t cost me work on Broadway!”

Black Monday, Sundays, 10/9c, Showtime