Roush Review: You Don’t Have to Like the Jerks of ‘Black Monday’ to Enjoy Them

Black Monday - Don Cheadle
Erin Simkin/SHOWTIME

We’ve all heard the rich are different, but do they always have to be so hateful? If you’re missing the scoundrels of Billions and the only-happy-when-scheming family of Succession, then suit up for the retro raunch of Black Monday.

An old-school Showtime logo zips us back to an era of freewheeling mid-1980s excess — drugs, sexism, macho gamesmanship — for a broadly satirical and speculative countdown to the day of Wall Street’s worst plunge (October 19, 1987).

No one knows what caused the crash, but all signs point to Mo Monroe, a proud peacock of a high-stakes trader played by a poisonously giddy Don Cheadle.

This self-described “black Moses” snares straight-arrow MBA nerd Blair (GirlsAndrew Rannells) in his elaborate scheme to game the system.

Mo’s orbit includes a skeptic (Regina Hall, splendid as his invaluable colleague and conscience), a suck-up (Paul Scheer as a closeted coworker) and wacky adversaries (Ken Marino, hilarious in a dual role as twin “Leighman Brothers” financiers).

Thankfully, you don’t have to like these jerks to enjoy them.

Black Monday, Sundays, 10/9c, Showtime