Showtime Cancels Comedy Series ‘Black Monday’ and ‘Work In Progress’

Don Cheadle in Black Monday and Abby McEnany in Work in Progress

The comedy series Black Monday and Work in Progress are the latest shows to be dropped by the cable network Showtime.

Work in Progress showrunner Lilly Wachowski confirmed the news on Twitter on Thursday, writing, “Right before the Thanksgiving holiday, I got the extremely disappointing news from execs at Showtime that Work in Progress was not going to be picked up for a third season. It was a major bummer.”

The series, created by Abby McEnany and Tim Mason, starred McEnany as a self-identified “fat, queer dyke” who enters into a transformative relationship during a time of crisis. It premiered on December 8, 2019, and received positive reviews, leading to a second season renewal in January 2020. The Season 2 finale aired on October 10, 2021.

In a follow-up tweet, Wachowski noted, “I had a sinking feeling that we might not be renewed. The productions’ contracts were written in such a way that the actors’ salaries were locked for 2 seasons with an incremental bump from season 1 to 2. The studio would have to negotiate with a whole bunch of folks who had given them a very good deal at the outset and were due for a raise.”

She also said that while the show’s ratings were “discerning,” it had also “made 7 top 10 lists and has been nominated for best comedy in the GLAAD awards. But unfortunately, that isn’t enough to overcome the bottom line. Which is frustrating.”

“We are incredibly proud of the two seasons of Work In Progress and were thrilled to spotlight the enormous talents of Abby McEnany, Lilly Wachowski and the entire cast and creative team,” Showtime said in a statement to Deadline. “We look forward to having our subscribers continue to discover this special series on Showtime’s streaming platforms for years to come.”

The Don Cheadle-starring dark comedy series Black Monday was also canceled, with cast member Paul Scheer revealing the news during a Twitch stream earlier this month. “Black Monday was not renewed,” he told FriendZone co-host, Rob Huebel. It ran for three seasons between 2019 and 2021.

Black Monday, created by Jordan Cahan and David Caspe, starred Cheadle, Scheer, Andrew Rannells, Regina Hall, and Casey Wilson as employees of second-tier Wall Street trading firm, the Jammer Group. The story was set during the year leading up to “Black Monday,” the day when international stock markets crashed in 1987.

“Don Cheadle, Regina Hall, Andrew Rannells, Paul Scheer and Casey Wilson led a fantastic cast, and we are grateful to Jordan Cahan, David Caspe and all who worked on the show for three hilarious seasons,” Showtime told Deadline.

The news comes just days after the premium cable network canceled Jeff Daniels drama American Rust after one season.

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