‘The Bachelor’ Episode 8: Heading to Hometowns (RECAP)

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[SPOILER ALERT: This recap features spoilers from the Season 23, Episode 8 of The Bachelor.]

It’s hard to believe that Colton Underwood’s hometown dates are already here, but it’s getting real on The Bachelor. It’s time for him to meet Caelynn, Tayshia, Hannah G., and Cassie’s families as he gets even closer to figuring out which lady will receive his final rose.

But these families definitely weren’t going to make it easy on Colton — and considering the fact that he admitted he’s falling in love with each of them, he has a lot of hard decisions ahead of him.

Caelynn’s Hometown Date

After a day of eating ice cream and riding around in a horse drawn carriage in Virginia, Caelynn brought Colton home to meet her people — extended family included. But when Caelynn’s sister, Ariana, pulled her aside to talk about the situation, she admitted that she was skeptical about Colton and was wondering about how sincere he felt about her. Caelynn’s mom seemed to feel the same; she told him that she wasn’t sure they were ready for an engagement. Talk about keeping it real!

But when it came down to it, Caelynn’s stepdad gave Colton permission to pop the question — as long as he promised that their marriage would be a lifelong commitment. If Colton does decide to pick her, he’d better be sure… this family isn’t messing around.

Caelynn ended the night by telling Colton she was falling in love with him, but there were still three more dates left.

Hannah G.’s Hometown Date

Hannah G. kicked off her date in Birmingham with a little etiquette lesson for Colton before meeting her parents — no pressure or anything. And after dinner, Hannah’s family responded a lot like Caelynn’s did; everyone was worried that she was going to get hurt.

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“You know, I never really thought about this,” Hannah’s dad admitted when Colton asked for his permission to marry her. “If it continues working the way it is, I give you my blessing for sure.”

Tayshia’s Hometown Date

The first two hometowns were a bit boring, but Tayshia’s changed all of that. She surprised Colton with an adrenaline filled activity: Sky diving. You know, despite the fact that they’re both afraid of heights… and that Colton looked like he was going to hurl the entire plane ride up.

But when they finally hit the ground, they both admitted that they were falling in love with each other, and Colton let Tayshia’s dad know when they sat down to talk privately when they sat down to dinner. That didn’t mean that he necessarily approved, though, and if Colton ends up with his daughter, he should probably watch his back.

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Cassie’s Hometown Date

Cassie’s hometown date started out with a quick surf lesson, and after spending the day on the beach, they headed over to Cassie’s parents’ house to meet the fam. It was actually really sweet — Cassie’s sister broke down in tears telling her how much she meant for her and how she wanted her to find the right person without settling.

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But when Cassie tried to explain to her dad that she’s in love with Colton, he didn’t seem convinced and reminded her that she’s only 23 — valid point, Dad, but can you really get in the way of true love? Maybe he can, because he called them getting engaged a “premature blessing.” Yikes.

But that didn’t stop Colton from keeping her around. At the rose ceremony, he ended up sending Caelynn home — and yes, it was heartbreaking — which leaves us with Cassie, Tayshia, and Hannah G. getting fantasy suite dates next week.

And no, Colton still has not jumped over the fence.

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