Who’s Headed to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 6? Our Top Picks (PHOTOS)

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Craig Sjodin/ABC

Nicole Lopez-Alvar

The Miami native brought her emotional baggage to The Bachelor, so it’s safe to say she should start packing her Paradise baggage pronto. During Colton’s season, the brunette beauty famously feuded with Dallas resident Onyeka, and left with their feud unresolved. We’re definitely hoping to see Nicole on the beach this summer. Let’s just hope she packs some extra tissues.


Onyeka Ehie

We can’t have Nicole in Paradise without Onyeka. The outspoken beauty tells it like it is and will have no problem making waves on the beach. According to her ABC bio, Onyeka’s parents got engaged after just two weeks of dating. Perhaps she’ll follow in their footsteps after finding a new man in Paradise…?


Heather Martin

Watch out boys, this California girl is no longer a kissing virgin! Now that Heather has a little more experience in the makeout department (thanks, Colton!), she should be more than ready to date around in Paradise.


Demi Burnett

Let’s be real, Demi wasn’t made for The Bachelor, she was made for Paradise. The sassy blonde has no problem getting a man’s attention (remember when she took Colton to the “fantasy closet” for a massage?) so we’re hoping to see her pull out all the stops on the beach.


Catherine Agro

We all thought she was going to be this season’s villain after she interrupted Colton four times (is that a record?) during night one. Unfortunately, Catherine’s time on The Bachelor was cut short, so we’re hoping to learn more about her (and her dog, Lucy!) on Paradise.


Elyse Delbom

Early on in the season, Elyse seemed like a frontrunner to win Colton’s heart. But unfortunately, the process proved to be too difficult for the gorgeous redhead and she ended up eliminating herself in Episode 5. Now, with Paradise as an option, perhaps Elyse is ready to give finding love on TV another chance?


Kirpa Sudick

Though her relationship with Colton didn’t get a ton of screen time, Kirpa became an internet sensation after appearing on an episode of The Bachelor with a face bandage and no explanation from ABC. It was later explained that Kirpa was trying to take a selfie and slipped on a rock, landing on her chin. We’d love to see Kirpa get a second shot at love in Paradise, but, uh… as long as she steers clear of any rocks.


Katie Morton

She’s smart, she’s beautiful, and she knows how to stir up drama. Katie is perfect for Paradise. The gorgeous brunette was apparently responsible for starting the rumors about Colton’s frontrunners, Cassie and Caelynn, but she was eliminated from the show before anyone could confront her.

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Almost paradise… we’re knocking on heaven’s door anxiously awaiting to find out who ABC selects for the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 cast.

With Colton Underwood‘s Season 23 of The Bachelor coming to a close, it’s hard to hold back our excitement for the latest installment of BIP. And it’s safe to assume that a bunch of Colton’s girls (hello, Demi!) will be making an appearance on the beach this summer.

But who will actually be chosen? Well, we’ve narrowed down a few of our favorites. Scroll through the gallery above to see who we’re hoping will get a second chance at love (and stir up some drama) in Paradise.